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Bag of Melting Wax (1 Oz)J10001$7.50
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 500090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 510090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 540090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 541090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 200090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 201090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 580090810$0.65
Mill Machine Mylar Label - 581090810$0.65
Lathe Mylar Label - 400090800$0.65
Lathe Mylar Label - 410090800$0.65
Lathe Mylar Label - 450090800$0.65
Lathe Mylar Label - 453090800$0.65
Lathe Mylar Label - 440090800$0.65
Lathe Mylar Label - 441090800$0.65
3/8-32 Panel Nut90080$0.35
5K Wire Wound Potentiometer90060$9.00
1/8" Carbide Engraving Bit, 90°8960$10.50
3D Print Head Alignment Block89511$9.63
3D Print Head Alignment Screw89509$4.13
3D Print Head Saddle Mounting Plate89507$37.00
3D Print Head Bracket89505$38.00
1/8" Carbide Engraving Bit, 60°8945$10.50
1/8" Carbide Engraving Bit, 30°8930$10.50
7/64" Hex Key89076$0.80
6-32 x 7/8" SHCS89075$0.70
Engraving Headstock Pivot Pin Tab89024$8.75
Engraving Headstock Assembly without Grinder89011$115.50
Engraving Headstock Case89010$100.00
Linear Controller with Power Supply88020$430.50
Linear Controller without Power Supply88010$393.75
Power Supply for PC87648$47.25
CNC Controller Board87625-09$393.75
Rubber Feet (set of 4)87623$5.25
Power Cord For 4 AMP Supply876221$10.50
Power Supply External- 24V 4 Amp87622$152.25
CNC Driver Unit Chasis87620$25.25
Rotary Table Stepper Motor Mount87510$40.50
Rotary Electronic Board Assbly87460$252.00
Remote Limit Switch Cable87350$12.75
6' Extension Cable (motor to controller)87250$12.75
Indexer Window Overlay87210$6.95
Rotary Keypad Overlay87201$46.75
Fuse - 3A 125V870911$1.75
Parralel Db-25 M-F Cable 6'87072$13.00
0.5 x 5 mm Zinc Pan Head Metric Machine Screw87066$0.45
Power Supply-24V, 1000Ma, 38 Watt87041$31.50
Rotary Table Controller Chip87031$157.50
Motor Driver Chip870291$31.50
DGS 2.1 mm DC Power Jack870011$2.00
Sherline Linux/EMC Software8326$26.25
DRO Box - Machined81830$25.25
Dro Tachometer Pickup Decal81510$5.75
DRO Sliding Shaft81509$9.50
DRO Leadscrew Thrust81508$12.75
DRO Tachometer Encoder w/cable81500$22.75
DRO RPM Package8150$26.25
DRO Z-Axis Thrust Collar81350$10.25
Handwheel Sensor Gear81310$10.25
DRO X/Y Axis Thrust Collar81300$5.25
#2 X 3/8" Pan Head Self-Tapping Screw81280$0.45
2-56 x 3/8" Pan Head Machine Screw81270$0.95
4-40 x 1/4" Phillips Head Screw81200$0.40
DRO Stand81150$7.75
Lower Housing Cap81130$2.00
Lower Encoder Housing81120$2.00
Upper Encoder Housing Cap81110$2.00
Encoder Unit with Cable81100$26.25
Power Supply for DRO81050$43.25
DRO Panel Window81040$10.50
DRO Face Plate81030$42.00
DRO Electronic Assembly81020$172.75
1/2 Washer80270$0.50
Upper Hook Pin80250$9.50
Lower Clevis Pin80242$6.50
Lm2 Lower Clevis Pin 1/2 X 3" (G63)80241$9.50
O-Ring Seal, Upper Body80230$0.75
O-Ring Seal, Lower Piston80220$0.80
LM2 Piston80210$31.50
LM2 Body80200$157.50
Loadmaster Post80050$26.25
Loadmaster Piston80040$47.25
"O" Ring80030$1.75
Rubber Disk 3-1/8" OD X 3/16" Thick80020$6.50
Loadmaster Body80010$105.00
1/16" Grooving Insert7660$20.00
T15 Torx Wrench76240$3.25
Torque Screw (Pt 542T)76232$3.00
Insert Flycutter Body76210$52.50
5/64" Hex Key76140$0.70
55 Deg Insert (DNMG 331 F1)7612$18.00
Diamond Insert For 55 Deg Holders7611$110.25
10" CNC Mill Base67150$114.75
Washer, Stepper Motor67132$0.55
Wire Harness 6-Lead No Plug671292$7.50
Stepper Motor Wire Harness W/Plug671291$12.75
Stepper Motor Preload Bearings67120$11.50
Cnc Template, Slide Bushing67117$7.75
Cnc Template, Bed Bushing67116$7.75
5-40 x 7/8" SHCS67115$0.45
8-32 x 7/8" SHCS67111$0.45
CNC Coupling671052$14.00
CNC Coupling 3/8" Bore671051$31.50
CNC Coupling67105
CNC Preload Nut - Right Hand (Fine)67104$3.00
Stepper Spindle Motor Mount For Timing Kit671030$21.00
Stepper Motor Mount Nylon Plug67103$0.75
Stepper Motor Mount67102$40.50
Stepper Motor Mount with 3 holes67101$40.50
CNC Mill Table67050$69.50
15" CNC Lathe Bed67022$103.25
11" CNC Mill Column Bed67021$70.75
Cnc-24" Lathe Bed67020$172.00
ER-16 Ind Headstock Spindle65230$68.25
Ind Headstock Spindle Washer65191$6.00
ER-16 Collet Nut65026$30.00
Industrial 3Ot Spindle Cog Pulley65016$23.25
Industrial Saddle Nut Bracket65013$10.50
Industrial Headstock Spacer65012$26.25
10 Tooth Industrial Spindle Cog Pulley65003$36.75
Timing Belt65001$8.50
1/4-20 x 3-3/34" SHCS61140$1.75
1/4-20 x 3" SHCS61130$1.50
1/4-20 x 1" SHCS61120$0.70
1/4-20 x 5/8" SHCS61110$0.60
Rubber Feet w/screws61100$6.50
Split Column Base/Bottom61070$32.25
Split Column Base/Top61060$44.25
2.8” Alignment Bar61040$6.50
6.3” Alignment Bar61030$12.75
Horizontal Conversion Base61020$138.75
Horizontal Column Conversion6101$31.50
1/4" x 3/4" Steel Dowel Pin For Gang Tool Post59303$0.65
12" Brass Y Axis Cover Tube58165$10.50
18" Anodized Mill Base58011$215.00
2000 Series Mill Column Spacer56770$25.25
Mill Column Base-14" Ball Screw Mill56714$39.25
8-Direction Column Base56700$37.25
Adapter Base for Lathe Column Upgrade56670$70.75
Column Top56550$33.00
3/32" x 1/2" Dowel Pin56470$0.50
Mill #2000 Index Tab56450$2.25
Arm mount for Ball Screw Z-Axis56442$65.75
Arm Mount56440$65.75
Arm Spacer Block56400$7.75
Column Adjustment Block56350$4.75
Swing Arm (R/S) #2000 (M)56331$27.25
Swing Arm (R/S)56330$27.25
1/4-20 x 1-1/2" SHCS56240$0.50
3/8-16 Flange Nut56230$6.00
Swing Arm (L/S)56220$22.75
3/8-16 X 2" Shoulder Bolt-Slotted56210$4.50
Arm Hold Down Washer56200$13.25
15" CNC Y Axis Screw for 18" Mill Base - Metric56193$25.00
15" CNC Y Axis Screw for 18" Mill Base - Inch56192$25.00
Y Axis Cover Tube 9.5"56165$8.00
Rigid Arm Hold Down Bolt56140$12.75
Arm Hold Down Bolt #200056130$8.25
2000 Series Mill Spacer Bolt56110$12.75
2000 Mill Base Adapter56050$64.50
Deluxe Mill Table Assembly5418A$126.00
18" Table Lead Screw Bushing54183$2.75
7.5" Brass Y Axis Cover Tube54165$6.50
Mill Saddle - Oiler Style50940$84.00
Mill Saddle Oiler Cap50930$5.25
Mill Saddle Oiler Body50920$21.00
Way Cover 1/8" Blind Pop Rivets50914$0.20
Way Cover Origami Polypropylene (2)50913$21.00
Mill Saddle - with oiler50911$105.00
Way Cover 10-32 Nut With Star Washer50909$0.30
10-32 x 4" Phillips Head Screw50908$1.75
Way Cover Rear Spring50907$2.25
Way Cover Front Spring50906$2.25
Way Cover Front Mill Saddle Mounting Plate50903$11.25
Way Cover Rear Mill Saddle Mounting Plate50902$9.75
Way Cover Rear Mounting Plate50901$9.75
Thrust Collar (Mill)50280$4.00
Mill Column Pivot Pin50240$3.00
1/4-20 x 1-3/4" SHCS50220$0.65
8-32 x 1/4" Button Socket Screw50211$0.30
8-32 X 1/4 " Pan Hd Screw50210$0.45
X Axis Lock50190$2.75
Mill Table Assembly5018A$94.50
Manual Mill Table50180$69.50
5.5" Brass Y Axis Cover Tube50165$6.00
Anti-Backlash Lock50150$2.25
Back Lash Lock Pointer50120$0.80
Mill Column Base - 12" Ball Screw Mill50054$65.75
Mill Column Base50050$60.75
10" Mill Base50010$113.50
Ce Noise Filter (Kb)45501$42.00
DC Motor Brushes, external for Hill House motor (9/12 & newer)45465$31.50
DC Motor Brushes, external for Hill House motor (8/12 & older)45462$33.75
Motor Brush Housing (Leeson)45453$10.50
DC Motor Brushes, external for Leeson/Protech/Specialties motor45451$25.25
Bored Column Thrust45200$6.50
Washer #10, Type B45190$0.35
3/16" Ball Bearing45180$0.65
Column Saddle Positioner45170$2.75
Z-Axis Screw (M)-Model 200045161$19.00
Power Feed "Hog" Ring45150$0.80
#4 X 3/8" Sheet Metal Screw45090$0.45
Lock (Teflon)45070$0.65
Lathe Column Base45050$67.25
Mill Column Saddle Assembly45040A$47.25
Column Saddle45040$38.00
11" Manual Mill Column Bed45030$69.50
5-40 X 3/8" Btn Skt Cap Screw45014$0.80
5-40 X 3/8" Flat Skt Cap Screw45013$0.55
#6 Flat Washer Z-Axis Handwheel45012$0.35
Z-Axis Screw-Model 200045011$19.00
Z-Axis Backlash Body44171$10.50
24" Lathe Bed44120$170.00
24" Lathe Base44010$88.25
Chip Guard Hinge43620$5.25
Chip Guard43610$10.25
DC Motor Brushes, internal43500$35.00
DC Belt Guard Assembly43490$38.00
DC Electronics43460$90.75
10/32 X 1/4" Cup Point Set Screw43369$0.45
High Speed Motor Pulley43368$29.00
High Speed Spindle Pulley43367$27.75
High Speed Pulley Bracket, Inner43366$22.75
High Speed Pulley Bracket, Outer43365$22.75
Stepped Motor Pulley43360$10.25
6-32 X 1/4" Pan Hd Screw43240$0.40
9/16" Headstock Spindle Pulley43239$31.50
Stepped Main Spindle Pulley43230$20.25
Dc S/C Label43200$1.75
#2 x 1/4" Flat Head Screw43190$0.40
Inner Belt Guard43180$12.75
6-32 x 1-1/2" Pan Head Screw43170$0.40
Outer Belt Guard43160$12.75
Dc S/C Tab (Large)43150$2.75
Dc S/C Tab (Small)43140$2.75
Speed Control Cover Mount Plate43130$5.25
Dc S/C Hinge Plate43120$6.50
Dc S/C Unit Cover43110$21.50
DC Motor Stand Off43100$1.75
DC Electronics Speed Control Assembly with belt guard43000$126.00
Motor Brushes (2), 1/2 Hp42470$21.00
6-32 x 3/16" Pan Head Machine Screw42070$0.40
Handwheel Knob42060$2.25
Handwheel Shaft42050$1.50
Slide Screw Insert (Metric)41890$2.75
Wire Nuts 22-1441190$0.30
Speed Control Knob41130$2.75
8-32 x 1/2" Socket Head Set Screw41090$0.35
6-32 Hex Nut41080$0.30
Saddle Gib40990$3.00
Crosslide Gib40980$3.00
Two Headed Lathe Saddle40930$81.00
Lathe Anti-Backlash Drill Guide40920$21.00
Lathe Saddle w/Backlash Holes40910$81.00
10-32 X 3/8" Flat Head Socket Screw40900$0.45
Slide Screw Insert40890$2.75
Tailstock Spindle Locking Screw40870$1.75
Tailstock Locking Screw Grommet40860$1.50
Gib Lock40820$1.00
10-32 x 1-1/8" SHCS40780$0.95
10-32 x 5/16" SHCS40770$0.40
10-32 X 5/8" Thumb Screw40760$1.50
10-32 X 1/2" Thumbscrew40750$1.50
10-32 x 7/8" SHCS40740$0.45
10-32 X 2" Skt Hd Cap Screw40730$0.90
10-32 x 1-1/2 " SHCS40720$0.90
10-32 x 1-1/4" SHCS40710$0.90
10-32 x 1-3/4" SHCS40700$0.90
10-32 x 3/4" SHCS40690$0.45
10-32 x 1/2 " SHCS40670$0.45
#10 3/16" Washer40660$0.35
Power Cord (Austria/France)40640$15.75
Power Cord (United Kingdom)40630$26.25
Power Cord (115V)40620$12.75
10-32 x 1/4" Flat Point Set Screw40600$0.45
1/4" Washer40590$0.35
Spindle "Tommy" Bar40580$0.65
3/32" Hex Key40570$0.70
1/8" Hex Key40561$1.50
3/16" Hex Key40560$0.70
5/32" Hex Key40550$0.70
5/16-18 x 3/4" Cone Point Set Screw40540$0.65
5-40 x 3/8" Socket Head Cap Screw40530$0.45
10-32 x 3/16" Cup Point Set Screw40520$0.45
10-32 x 3/8" SHCS40510$0.45
10-24 X 7/8" Skt Hd Cap Screw40502$0.45
10-32 x 1/2" Button Head Hex Screw40501$1.25
10-24 X 3/4" SHCS40500$0.45
DC Speed Control Assembly4049-DC$107.25
#2 X 1/4" Phil Pan Type F Thrd Cutting Screw40441$0.30
#2 x 1/4" Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw40440$0.40
3C Headstock Bearing40430$18.00
Headstock Bearing40420$14.00
Plug Button40400$0.70
#0 Morse Center40390$6.50
#1 Morse Center40380$6.50
10-32 x 1" SHCS40340$0.45
10-32 x 5/8" SHCS40330$0.45
Bearing Washer40320$3.00
5-40 x 1" SHCS40310$0.70
Lead Screw Thrust40300$11.75
Screw Adaptor40290$6.50
Thrust Collar40280$4.00
Precision Ground Head Key40260$2.75
Tall T-Nut40250$2.75
Lathe Pivot Pin40240$5.00
9/16" Headstock Spindle40239$75.75
3C Headstock Spindle40233$122.70
Headstock Spindle w/Nickel Plating40231$100.50
Headstock Spindle40230$50.50
Snap Ring40190$0.35
Locking Saddle Nut Ball Bearing40178$0.60
Saddle Travel Extension40176$12.75
Z-Axis Backlash Adjustment Lever40173$6.50
9/16" Preload Nut40169$8.50
Preload Nut40160$5.00