Catalog pages from some of the older suppliers of Sherline tools that applied their own brand labels.
Craftsman label on early lathe

In the past, several companies have marketed Sherline tools under their own brand names. These companies include Sears (Craftsman), National Camera (NatCam), Jensen Tools and Brookstone. Except for the labels, these are all standard Sherline machines underneath. If you have an older “private label” model, the same parts and accessories which would fit any older Sherline lathe will also fit yours. That means our extensive accessory line is available to you to make your machine as versatile and useful as a new machine. They can also be serviced, repaired or updated just like any other Sherline tool.

Sherline has always been committed to designing each new feature and accessory with “backward compatibility” as a primary concern, and here’s where that pays off for you. No matter what the label says on your machine, if we made it, we are still here to keep your machines working for you. So if you have a tool that looks like a Sherline lathe or mill, no matter whose name is on it, contact us whenever you need parts, service or accessories.

A number of companies also make CNC conversions using Sherline lathes and mills as the basic tool. If you need parts or service for the stepper motors, software or other custom parts, please contact the company that did the conversion. But if you need parts or accessories for the basic machine, you can contact either the conversion company, your local Sherline dealer or call us directly.