CE Compliant Noise Suppression Filter


CE compliant noise suppression filter (for countries requiring CE compliance)

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Product Description

About the Noise Suppression Filter

The noise suppression filter goes in-line between the speed control and the wall plug. This makes Sherline machines compliant with CE regulations regarding electronic noise. All machines shipped to countries requiring CE compliance must be equipped with these filters. All the customer needs to supply is a wall plug adapter from the USA-style 3-prong connector to their particular country’s style of electrical wall plug.

Countries Requiring CE Compliance

CE requirements for electric motors dictate that a noise suppression filter is installed to meet their standards. This filter meets those specifications, allowing Sherline machines to be imported into countries in the European Union (EU), as well as others requiring CE certification.

If you are ordering a Sherline lathe or milling machine to ship to the EU, it is highly recommended that you add the CE-Compliant Noise Suppression Filter to your order. This adds an additional cost to the lathe or mill, but it does allow us to apply the CE label to our product. The filter will be pre-wired to the electronic speed control at the Sherline factory if the filter is ordered with a machine.

If a machine is purchased without this filter, we cannot guarantee that it will be able to make it through customs in the subject country. Included with the installed filter is a certificate of CE compliance.

The USA and Other Countries

Sherline motors are more like those on an electric drill than on a large industrial lathe or mill. In the highly competitive home tool market, Sherline does not feel it is worth the extra cost to achieve this level of electronic noise suppression on a machine this small, so they are not installed as standard equipment. For anyone requiring a minimum of electronic emissions, however, this filter can be purchased separately to add to any existing Sherline machine with a DC motor, but it will not come with a CE certificate.

Installation Instructions

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