Electroless Nickel Plated Spindle Headstock
Electroless nickel plated #1MT spindle threaded to accept 3/4" x 16 tools
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Sherline Standard Headstock

Sherline’s standard headstock with a #1MT spindle. Threaded to accept 3/4 x 16 tools. Includes spindle pulley. Specifications Headstock spindle nose internal taper #1 Morse Headstock spindle external thread 3/4 x 16 Pulley groove side angle 19° ALLOWABLE TOLERANCES Spindle … Continued

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ER-16 Headstock
ER-16 collet nut included.
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3308 ER-16 Headstock Motor & Speed Control
ER-16 Headstock and Motor Unit
The 3308 would replace the standard headstock, motor and speed control assembly that come on Sherline machines. The ER-16 nut that ships with your order may be plain or have a black oxide finish.
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30113 3C Collet Headstock
3C Collet Headstock
Includes 1" spindle wrench and spindle bar (chuck arbor and collet not included, shown for reference only)
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3C Collet Headstock with Motor Unit
Includes 1″ spindle wrench and spindle bar
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DC motor with Internal Brushes (Hill House)
Note: This part replaced P/N 45450
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CE Compliant Noise Suppression Filter
CE compliant noise suppression filter (for countries requiring CE compliance)
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