DC motor with Internal Brushes (Hill House)


Note: Internal brushes for this motor are none replaceable and not available for purchase separately.

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Electric Motor Specifications from Manufacturer
  • Type of enclosure: Totally enclosed, non-vented
  • Duty rating: Continuous–10 oz. in. at 6100 rpm, .85 amperes; Intermittent–30 oz. in. at 5500 rpm, 1.75 amperes (5 minutes on / 15 minutes off)
  • Output horsepower: .06 KW (60 W) at 10 oz. in. / 6100 rpm
  • AC voltage (input): Normally 115 VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase to a rectifier (Sherline electronic speed control converts any input from 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.)
  • DC voltage: 90V DC to motor (60 Hz)
  • Speed in rpm: 6100 rpm continuous
  • Class of insulation: Class A, 105° (C.) insulation system
  • Normal full load current: .85 amperes
  • Starting current: 1.7 amperes instantaneous starting current (<100 milliamperes). This is also the stall current in True RMS
  • Max current at time of changeover from lower speed to higher speed: Depends on load
  • Type of motor: 3.00 inch (outer diameter) sub-fractional horsepower brush-type permanent magnet motor
  • Temperature rise at ambient 50° C.: Less than or equal to 45° C.
  • Motor frame size: 3 inches
  • Overall motor size: 3″ diameter x 5-1/4″ length with 5/16″ motor shaft
  • End use of motor: Drive unit for lathe or mill
  • Shaft size: 5/16″

NOTE: Electronic circuitry built into the speed control supplies a constant 90V DC output to the motor regardless of the input current from 100VAC to 240VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, so Sherline machines can be plugged in and used in any country in the world without a transformer as long as you have the correct wall plug converter..

USE WITH AN INVERTER: This motor and speed control can be used with an inverter that produces a sine wave. It cannot be used with an inverter that produces a square wave.

If you are working with brass or wood, we suggest you use the toggle switch dust cover to protect the life of your motor & speed control.