G-Codes and M-Codes for MASSO

MASSO G- and M-Codes are the same as the industry standard. However, the MASSO software is different than other controller software in some respects.

All of the MASSO tool information is hard-wired in the control software, which is unique. Because of this, MASSO does not use G43 (tool length offset) or G49 (cancel tool length offset). To change from one tool to another, you only need to enter “T (the desired tool number) M06.” Example for tool #1: (T1 M06). Regardless of the current tool in use, or its position on the machine, when you enter the (T_ M06) command and then change your tool, the MASSO control will do all of the calculations and changes internally and move the next tool into the correct programmed position.
NOTE: The (T- M06) command MUST be in this order. A command of (M06 T-) will not work.

Below is a list of all of the MASSO G- and M-codes that can be used on our machines, along with their definitions. These are the G- and M-codes that are used on our Accu-Pro Machines and our original MASSO machines with the G2 board.

Accu-Pro Machines

For a list of the G- and M-codes that are used on our machines with the Linux control, go to our G- and M-Codes for CNC page. You can also find more information on the MASSO G- and M-Codes at this link: Supported G-codes


Common G-Codes

g00 – rapid positioning
g01 – linear interpolation motion
g02 – circular interpolation (clockwise)
g03 – circular interpolation (counter clockwise)
g04 – dwell
g10 – set work offset values
g17 – xy plane selection
g18 – zx plane selection
g19 – yz plane selection
g20 – set machine units to inches
g21 – set machine units to millimetres
g28 – return to machine home
g30 – move to parking position
g32 – threading cycle
g38.2 – straight probe cycle
g38.6 – digitizing probing cycle
g53 – move in absolute machine coordinates
g54 to g59 – select work offset coordinate system
g73 – high speed peck drilling
g80 – cancel modal motion
g81 – drilling cycle
g82 – drilling canned cycle with dwell
g83 – peck drilling for deeper holes
g90 – set distance mode to absolute
g91 – set distance mode to incremental
g92 – temporary work offset
g92.1 – cancel temporary work offset
g94 – units per minute mode
g95 – feed per revolution
g96 – turn on constant surface speed (css)
g97 – turn off constant surface speed (css)
g98 – canned cycle – retract back to the initial z
g99 – canned cycle – retract back to r plane
msg – print message to screen
f – feed rate
n – number
s – speed / intensity
( ) – comments
invalid gcode

Common M-Codes

m00 – program stop
m01 – optional program stop
m02 – program end
m03 – spindle on (clockwise)
m03 – plasma torch on
m04 – spindle on (counterclockwise)
m05 – spindle off
m06 – tool change
m07 – turn mist coolant on
m08 – turn flood coolant on
m09 – to turn all coolant off
m10 – chuck or rotary table clamp closed
m11 – chuck or rotary table clamp open
m30 – end the program and rewind
m98 & m99 – sub program call