lm2000_pic_270x130Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scales

The fast and easy way to measure tongue weight for safer towing. Just place it under the ball receiver, or under the jack stand to measure tongue weight directly in pounds. Gauges reading to 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, and 5000 lbs are available. Load your trailer properly and tow with confidence. CLICK HERE or on the photo for more details.

Sherline 5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Weight Scale

We made this scale at the request of several of our customers who own fifth-wheel trailers. This scale is a modified version of our original Trailer Tongue Weight Scale. However, it is specifically designed to attach to most fifth-wheel trailer hitches. These scales come with a 5,000 lb. gauge since, 5th-wheel trailers typically carry a larger percentage of the overall weight on the hitch. The piston has also been modified to accept the standard 2-13/16″ diameter kingpin and the locating pin is for hitches that accept the standard 2-13/16″ kingpin. CLICK HERE or on the photo for more details.

lm2_pic_270x130Sherline Suspended Hydraulic Scale

Here’s a simple and economical suspended scale that has many uses around the shop, farm, and in industry. It’s great for loading heavy items for shipping to come up with an approximate manifest weight. Also used to weigh power poles, hay bales, and barrels of recycled material or to test-pull elevator and winch cables. Weigh anything up to 5000 lbs that you can pick up with a block and tackle or forklift. It works horizontally, too for pull tests. A spring-loaded safety clip is included on each forged steel hook. Accuracy to 2% at mid-range on the gauge is sufficient for most estimating purposes. A 2000 lb gauge is also available. CLICK HERE or on the photo at the left for more details.

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