Customize Your Machines with Quality Parts from Sherline Products

Sherline components can be combined in many ways to create custom tooling to meet your special needs. In addition, we can design and manufacture custom components to make tooling for unusual needs that go beyond the scope of our normal parts stock. Below are some of the custom machines we have put together for customers who had needs that could not be met by off-the-shelf parts.

Take Your Project from Concept to Reality

If you have any questions about the feasibility of your proposed project or the capabilities of our equipment, call us at (800) 541-0735 or (760) 727-5857, or email us at

Customized Examples

NOTE: The pictures below show our components on other machines. However, we do not support other manufacturers’ machines. You will need to contact the original manufacturer for any questions and/or concerns regarding their parts.

Router Boss Modification

The Router Boss is a machine for which we made a few parts (modified indexing head, bed, and tailstock). This customer had us modify his bed a bit so he could mount our headstock, motor, and speed control to it. So, he has a Sherline Lathe mounted underneath his Router Boss, not just an index table and head.

Scott Bernstein wrote, “Here are a couple of pictures from my Router Boss. You did a great job machining my parts, and it was incredibly easy to set up. It works great! I am using the tailstock and headstock riser blocks and the Sherline self-centering headstock chuck. This setup ought to be standard equipment.”

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Torchmate has developed a line of portable CNC cutting systems that include plasma cutters and CNC routers, which utilize our Sherline Z-axis column for their machines. The Torchmate 2×2 can perform CNC routing as well as CNC plasma cutting, CNC drilling, CNC milling, etc. This is a portable, versatile machine with a multi-use platform.

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