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Save 20% on Our New Sherline/Acorn CNC Controller!

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Add the New Sherline/Acorn CNC Controller to Your CNC System
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Sherline has partnered with Centroid Acorn to offer our CNC customers another option for their CNC machining needs. The new Sherline/Acorn CNC Controller is a Plug-and-Play unit with no complex wiring required. It comes in a custom housing with all the necessary connections for DB9, DB25, and 2-wire Molex connectors, as well as Ethernet, power cables, and cooling fans.

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We have options to fit your CNC machining needs, whether you are a DIYer who wants to build your own CNC system, upgrade your current Sherline CNC machines, or start with a complete CNC turnkey system.

Optional equipment available with the Acorn Controller includes:

  • The Sherline 4-axis driver box
  • Spindle Control Isolator Board
  • Encoder Pulley hardware
  • External Incremental Rotary Encoder
  • Acorn “Pro” CNC12 Software License Upgrade

Visit the Sherline/Acorn CNC Controller product page (P/N 9400) for in-depth details on which Sherline/Acorn options best suit your requirements.

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