4000 (4100) Series Lathe
(3.5″ x 8″)


4500 (4530) Series Lathe
(3.5″ x 8″)
with Adjustable “Zero” Handwheels


4400 (4410) Series Deluxe Lathe
(3.5″ x 17″)
with Adjustable “Zero” Handwheels

Sherline lathes are made in the USA and feature precision rolled leadscrews and handwheels graduated in thousandths of an inch (.001”) or hundredths of a millimeter (.01 mm).

Standard Equipment Included with Every Lathe

  • Every Sherline lathe comes with a DC motor and speed control, a 2.75″ (70 mm) x 6.0″ (152 mm) crosslide with two T-slots, two position pulleys, a Kevlar reinforced drive belt, an 8-foot three-wire power cord, and anti-backlash adjustment on Y-axis leadscrew.
  • Faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, two hexagonal keys, tool post, high-speed cutting tool, and instruction booklet.
  • The 4000-series lathes come with standard 1-5/8″ (41 mm) laser engraved aluminum handwheels, while the 4400 and 4500-series lathes come with deluxe 2″ (51mm) adjustable zero handwheels. The 4400-series lathes also include a rocker tool post in place of the standard tool post.


  • Turn, face, bore, drill, ream, polish, cut tapers, and cut both inch and metric threads
  • Milling operations available with optional Vertical Milling Column


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