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6844-Series Ball Screw Benchtop Lathe with High-Torque Stepper Motors
Complete Ball Screw Benchtop Lathes

Our new ball screw lathes are based on our popular 17″ 4400-series benchtop lathe and are available with an assortment of accessories. The ball screw benchtop lathe was designed with the ball screws directly under the lathe bed and crosslide to help avoid chip contamination and give direct in-line feed from the ball screw. You can order it as CNC-ready if you already have #23 NEMA frame stepper motors, or you can order it with our high-torque stepper motors. Low friction in ball screws yields high mechanical efficiency compared to other leadscrew alternatives, and efficiencies can range from 70% to 95%.

The essential upgrade parts for the ball screw benchtop lathe include the ball leadscrews, a solid aluminum base, stepper motor high-torque couplings, the ball screw lathe saddle, an 8″ crosslide, and optional limit switches on each axis.

NOTE: Ball screw lathes come in metric calibrations only


So You Just Bought a Lathe. Now What?

Following is a list of links that include written instructions and video demonstrations to help you get your lathe up and running.
Written Instructions

  1. Lathe Operating Instructions
  2. Lathe Crosslide Assembly (Troubleshooting)
  3. Lathe Assembly and Backlash Adjustment
  4. Assembling the Headstock and Motor Speed Control
  5. Aligning the Lathe Headstock and Tailstock
  6. Lathe Alignment and Micro-Drilling

Video Demonstrations

  1. Setting up a Sherline Lathe
  2. Lathe Backlash Adjustment
  3. Gib Installation
  4. Motor and Speed Control Assembly
  5. Assembling Your Ball Screw Lathe

For additional detailed instructions on Sherline tools and accessories, you can visit the following web pages on our site or go to our YouTube Channel.


4000 (4100) Series Tabletop Lathe
(3.5″ x 8″)


4500 (4530) Series Tabletop Lathe
(3.5″ x 8″)
with Adjustable “Zero” Handwheels


4400 (4410) Series Deluxe Benchtop Lathe
(3.5″ x 17″)
with Adjustable “Zero” Handwheels

Standard Equipment Included with Every Lathe
  • Every Sherline lathe comes with a DC motor and speed control, a 2.75″ (70 mm) x 6.0″ (152 mm) crosslide with two T-slots, two-position pulleys, a Kevlar-reinforced drive belt, a 5-foot three-wire power cord, and anti-backlash adjustment on Y-axis leadscrew.
  • Faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, two hexagonal keys, tool post, high-speed cutting tool, and instruction booklet.
  • The 4000-series tabletop lathes come with standard 1-5/8″ (41 mm) laser-engraved aluminum handwheels, while the 4400 and 4500-series lathes come with deluxe 2″ (51mm) adjustable zero handwheels. The 4400-series benchtop lathes also include a rocker tool post in place of the standard tool post.
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  • Turn, face, bore, drill, ream, polish, cut tapers, and cut both inch and metric threads
  • Milling operations are available with an optional Vertical Milling Column


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