Custom Lathes and Tools for Turning Pool Cues

Over the years, Sherline has had a number of requests to build custom lathes for the purpose of turning pool cues. These lathes are not stand-alone pool cue lathes. A more accurate description would be an extended motorized slide with a tailstock. This motorized slide is then mounted on a CNC router as an accessory to the router (as shown in the first two videos below).

NOTE: We make the bed, motorized headstock, and tailstock that are shown in the videos. They are then mounted on a CNC Router or other machine. We do not make the entire machine that is shown in the videos.

These custom lathes have extended beds to accommodate the length needed to turn the cue segments. Depending on the customer’s needs, these machines can be manual, CNC, or a combination of both. We have also designed a pool cue live center P/N 1182PC specifically for our pool cue customers. This live center has an extended nose to give more room at the end of the pool cue for cutter clearance.

In addition to these custom lathes, we also have several other accessories that other pool cues makers have purchased to do inlay work and other design elements for their pool cues. See Related Products below.

Click on the links below for more information on the custom options and tools. There are also customer-created videos showing off their machines.


Pool Cue Lathes

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Custom Pool Cue Lathes

If you are interested in an extended lathe, call us at (800) 541-0735 or (760) 727-5857. The best time to call is Monday through Friday between 11 AM and 3 PM (Pacific). Please ask for Karl Rohlin or Charla Papp.

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Split Bed Pool-Cue Lathe P/N 7000

We are now offering a Split Bed Pool-Cue Lathe, in addition to our custom Extended Bed Lathe. This Split Bed Lathe setup allows custom pool cue makers the ability to adjust the distance between the headstock and the tailstock, depending on the length of the stock being turned, without the expense of ordering a custom extended lathe bed.

The Split Bed Lathe comes with a customized headstock and tailstock attachment beds, a headstock and motor unit, a tailstock assembly, a pool-cue live center, a spur driver, a 2.5″ chuck, and screws for mounting the lathe beds.

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9/16″ Headstock Assembly P/N 30110

We originally designed the 9/16″ spindle specifically for pool cue customers. The internal through hole has been opened up to a maximum of 9/16″. Please note that while this allows for larger stock to pass through the headstock, like pool cues, it also eliminates the #1 Morse internal taper, meaning tapered tools cannot be held in the headstock.

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Pool Cue Live Center P/N 1182PC

We designed this center at the request of some of our customers who use our machines (or modifications of our machines) to make pool cues. They needed a live center with an extended nose, to give them room for their cutters. The extended nose allows them to start cutting from the tip of the pool cue without needing extra material to hold onto.

The center body itself is case harden steel which turns on two preloaded sealed ball bearings. It is fitted with a #0 Morse taper to fit our tailstock. The run-out of the 60-degree tip of the live center is .0025″ or less.


Sherline custom lathes and tools in action turning high-end custom pool cues. These videos are the property of their creators and are unsolicited by Sherline.

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Hercek Fine Billiard Cues

Joel Hercek builds custom, one-of-a-kind cues for each of his customers. Hercek has built cues for some of today’s most famous players and astute collectors.

Hercek Fine Billiard Cues Website

Video: Turning a Billiard Cue on a Custom Sherline Lathe

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Dzuricky Custom Cues

Bob Dzuricky makes custom pool cues using a custom-built Sherline lathe mounted to a CNC Router.

Dzuricky Custom Cues Website

Video: Turning a Billiard Cue on a custom Sherline lathe mounted to a CNC Router

P/N 1182PC Pool Cue Live Center Tolerances

Our Pool Cue Live Center was designed for pool cue manufacturers.
It was not designed for tight tolerance work.