3C Headstock Class 5 Bearing


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About the Class 5 Bearings

The Class 5 bearings feature lifetime lubricated bearings with adjustable preload. C5 bearings offer better accuracy, tighter tolerance, smoother and quieter movement, and cooler running. The C5 headstock bearings are rated for a continuous speed up to approximately 4,000 RPM with a factory preload adjustment of .0002″. You may need a slightly looser preload setting of .0003″ for operating speeds up to 10,000 RPM.

Headstock Bearing Replacement

We don’t recommend that customers replace the headstock bearings. We use custom fixtures to align the spindle and the bearings. If you cannot press them in yourself, you can return your headstock to our facility for bearing replacement. Contact our customer service department, kim@sherline.com, for an RMA number before sending your headstock back for service.
*NOTE: Fees apply
Click the links below to learn more about the specialized fixtures and procedures for setting the headstock bearing preload.
PDF: Replacing Headstock Bearings
Video: Setting the Headstock Bearing Preload