The three pairs of files linked below are the INI files for the Standard and Metric versions of the EMC and EMC2 programs respectively. They contain the information necessary to configure the EMC to run properly. A change in these files, either through intentional user editing or unintentional file corruption, may alter the way the EMC functions, or render it unusable at all.

Many (although not all) problems encountered, ranging from movement being in the wrong scale to an axis moving in reverse, or the EMC failing to open at all, are a result of errors in these files, and can be correctly simply be replacing them with good copies, without the need for reinstalling the entire system.

The mill ini files for version 5.xx (Ubuntu/EMC2) can be downloaded here:

The lathe ini files for version 5.xx (Ubuntu/EMC2) can be downloaded here:

The mill ini files for version 4.xx (Debian/EMC) can be downloaded here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you download these files, they will have a .txt extension. You must rename them to an .ini extension; for example, “mill_inch_freq.ini” after downloading for them to work!

Replacing these files on your Linux system is a simple process. If you have an Internet connection on your EMC computer, the easiest method would be to open this page and download them directly to your Linux desktop. If not, simply download these files to your current computer and copy them onto an external drive.

On your Linux system, open the folder currently containing the INI files by going to Home/sherline/emc2/configs/Sherline for the mill or Home/sherline/emc2/configs/Sherline-Lathe for the lathe. Now, simply move the new files you’ve either downloaded to your Linux desktop or copied to DVD or USB flash drive (icons for both are located on the desktop when active) into the open EMC folder and confirm the overwrite.

Your INI files have now been replaced. Click on the EMC icon on your desktop to run the program, which, hopefully, should now run properly. A computer reboot should not be necessary (although, of course, it cannot hurt, and a reboot is almost always the best first way to resolve a computer problem).

If even after rebooting and replacing the INI files, your EMC still fails to run correctly, a complete reinstallation of the operating system and EMC software may be necessary. Links to CD ISOs which can be downloaded and then burned to CDs using most modern CD-burning software can be found on the main Sherline EMC page, a link to which can be found below.