WW Collet Box with insert


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Product Description

Give your WW collets a fitting home

If your valuable collets are banging around in the drawer of a toolbox, here’s a better way to protect and organize them. This attractive hardwood box has a hardwood insert drilled with 27 holes to hold all the WW or 8.0 mm watchmaker collets you will probably ever own and slots to hold a drawbar and knockout bar. This is a handsome and useful package for the serious miniature machinist.

The insert can be removed from this box, and it can be used for storing other items of value. Some suggestions:

  • Line with felt or make special dividers to hold a custom project you have built
  • Store jewelry, watches, cuff links, etc., on your dresser
  • Protect, or display a knife collection or a small handgun
  • Present a special gift like car keys, a necklace, airline tickets or a gift certificate
1170 WW Collet Box (w/ insert) 1.5 lb. $30.00