USPS Small Flat Rate Box/Envelope ($7.20)

Riser 3/8″ Insert-Holder Tool Post
Riser 3/8" Insert-Holder Tool Post
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Quick-Change Tool Post w/Three Holders
Cutting tools not included.   
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Quick-Change 3/8″ Square Shank Tool Holder
Quick-change 3/8" Square Shank Tool Holder (Cutting tools are not included).
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Quick-Change Cut-Off Tool Holder
Cutting tool not included.
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60880 8" manual crosslide
8″ Crosslide – Manual
8″ Crosslide—manual table only. Does not include leadscrew.
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67036 8" CNC crosslide
8″ Crosslide – CNC
Does not include leadscrew.
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Rotary Column Attachment
Rotary Column Attachment
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Build Your Own Chuck
Custom build your own 3 or 4 jaw chuck. Choose from 2.5" or 3.1" body size and a variety of jaw options. For more information and technical specifications of the chucks or jaws themselves please see their individual pages below.

3-Jaw Self Centering chucks 4-Jaw Self Centering chucks 4-Jaw Independent chucks Various chuck jaws

Lead time for custom built chucks is 4-5 business days

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2.5″ 3-Jaw Chucks – Various Thread
Includes 2 tommy bars, not pictured
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3.1″ 3-Jaw Chuck
Includes 2 tommy bars, not pictured
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3.1″ ER-16 3-Jaw Chuck
For use on the ER-16 headstock only Not for use on the standard headstock that comes on all Sherline Machines
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2.5″ 4-Jaw Chucks – Various Thread
Includes 2 tommy bars, not pictured
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2.5″ x 1-5/16″ Steel Blank (Chuck Body)
2.5" x 1-5/16" Steel Blank (Chuck Body) w/ 3/4-16 Thread
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Slitting Saw Holder

About the Slitting Saw Holder Jeweler’s slitting saws are small, circular, metal cutting saw blades that are used for machining thin slots. The Sherline slitting saw holder is designed to mount jeweler’s slitting saw blades with 1/2″ diameter mounting holes. … Continued

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Fly Cutter
Fly Cutter, includes left-hand cutting tool and drawbolt (not shown).
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