Our 3-Jaw Self Centering Chucks are available in two sizes, 2.5″ and 3.1″. They are available with 3/4-16 threads for use on Sherline machines. The smaller 2.5″ chucks are available with other spindle threads to fit machines made by other manufacturers, such as 12 mm x 1 mm and 14 mm x 1 mm for older Unimat lathes, or 1/2-20 for old 6″ Sears lathes.

Build Your Own Chuck
Custom build your own 3 or 4 jaw chuck. Choose from 2.5" or 3.1" body size and a variety of jaw options. For more information and technical specifications of the chucks or jaws themselves please see their individual pages below.

3-Jaw Self Centering chucks 4-Jaw Self Centering chucks 4-Jaw Independent chucks Various chuck jaws

Lead time for custom built chucks is 4-5 business days

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2.5″ 3-Jaw Chucks – Various Thread
Includes 2 tommy bars, not pictured
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3.1″ 3-Jaw Chuck
Includes 2 tommy bars, not pictured
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3.1″ ER-16 3-Jaw Chuck
For use on the ER-16 headstock only Not for use on the standard headstock that comes on all Sherline Machines
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