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Knurling Tool Holder


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Product Description

Sherline’s knurling system can add that “professional” look to your parts. Knurls are embossed into the surface of a part rather than cut. Straight knurls are often used at the end of a shaft that is to be pressed into another part. Straight or diamond knurl patterns are used to provide better grip on handwheels and thumbscrews.


The typical diamond knurl finish; straight knurls are also available.

The tool will handle diameters up to 1″ (25 mm) and consists of a right and left side that evenly tighten down on your part, while it is turned in the lathe, creating a knurled pattern. The holder is supplied with one set of spiral knurls that creates a diamond pattern.

Other size knurls for diamond or straight patterns are also available.

NOTE: The knurling tool was not designed for use with riser blocks.


The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

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Body Material 6061 T6 Aluminum
Body Coating Black Anodized
Knurling Wheel Material High Speed Steel
Max Diameter Knurling Capacity 1″ (25mm)
30561 (2) 10-32 Tee Nut
36010 Knurling Holder – Right
36020 Knurling Holder – Left
36030 (4) .381 x .030 Washer (ID .190″)
36040 (2) 3/16″ x 3/4″ Dowel Pin
3606 90-D 25TPI Spiral Knurls
40510 (2) 10-32 x 3/8″ SKT HD Cap Screw
40520 (2) 10-32 x 3/16″ Cup Point Set Screw
40730 (2) 10-32 x 2″ SKT HD Cap Screw
40710 (2) 10-32 x 1-1/4″ SKT HD Cap Screw
Spiral KnurlsSKUPriceDetails
90° 20TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3605$45.97More Info
90° 25TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3606$45.97More Info
90° 30TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3607$45.97More Info
90° 35TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3608$45.97More Info
90° 40TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3609$45.97More Info
70° 50TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3610$45.97More Info
70° 80TPI Spiral Knurl Pair3611$45.97More Info
Straight KnurlsSKUPriceDetails
90° 16TPI Straight Knurl Pair3612$45.97More Info
90° 20TPI Straight Knurl Pair3613$45.97More Info
90° 25TPI Straight Knurl Pair3614$45.97More Info
90° 30TPI Straight Knurl Pair3615$45.97More Info
90° 32TPI Straight Knurl Pair3616$45.97More Info
90° 35TPI Straight Knurl Pair3617$45.97More Info
90° 40TPI Straight Knurl Pair3618$45.97More Info
90° 41TPI Straight Knurl Pair3619$45.97More Info
90° 47TPI Straight Knurl Pair3620$45.97More Info
70° 35TPI Straight Knurl Pair3621$45.97More Info
70° 50TPI Straight Knurl Pair3622$45.97More Info
70° 53TPI Straight Knurl Pair3623$45.97More Info
70° 60TPI Straight Knurl Pair3624$45.97More Info
70° 70TPI Straight Knurl Pair3625$45.97More Info
70° 80TPI Straight Knurl Pair3626$45.97More Info