SHERLINE Milling Collet Set

P/N 3060 (Metric P/N 3090)

Milling Collets

SHERLINE Milling Collets are designed to be used with the Morse #1 internal taper that is standard on both the Lathe and Vertical Mill. Because of the shallow angle of the Morse #1 taper when the drawbolt is tightened, greater clamping force can be applied when compared to the clamping pressure of WW collets; therefore, we recommend the use of these milling collets for holding miniature size end mills (3/16" or 1/4" shank), #1 and smaller center drills or Dremel bits (1/8" shank) and other small cutters. The set consists of a 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" mill collet, drawbolt and thrust washer. Other size collets, including metric mill collets, are available through SHERLINE. The metric sets consists of 3mm, 4mm and 6mm collets.

Cutting tools held by these collets must have a shank size withing .001" of the manufactured size. Because of the shallow angle, these collets will not loosen from the spindle without backing the drawbolt off a couple of revolutions and tapping the drawbolt to free the collet.

End mills must run true in order to cut properly. Small end mills or miniature size end mills are very expensive and can be easily damaged if milling is attempted using a drill chuck to hold the end mill. Milling Collets are a must for proper operation of your mill! For holding other size end mills, see also P/N 3079, 3/8" End Mill Holder.

Milling Collets are available in the following sizes:

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