Interchangeable Jaws
Master steel jaws (top left) accept top jaws made of (top, left to right) Delrin®, nylon, (middle row) Teflon®, brass, aluminum, and mild steel (12L14), (bottom row) tall jaws: 1" aluminum and mild steel (1018), and 1.5" aluminum and mild steel (1018). Bottom Master Jaws are required in order to use Top Jaws
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Soft Jaws

About the Soft Jaws Set of 3 or 4 soft (unhardened) jaws for the Self Centering and Independent Chucks These are blank jaws, which are used by customers who want to bore or turn them to custom shapes and sizes to fit … Continued

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Pin Jaws
Chuck not included, shown for reference only
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Short Laser Pin Chuck Jaws
Chuck not included, shown for reference only
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10-32 x 3/8″ Button Socket Head Screw

Drive Type: Internal Hex Finish: Black Oxide Head Style: Button Length: 3/8″ Material: Medium Carbon Steel Thread Type: Fine Diameter: #10

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3/8-32 Panel Nut

Wrench Size 1/2″ Thickness 0.098″ Dia/Thread Size 3/8″-32 Finish Zinc Material Low Carbon Steel Thread Type Extra Fine Type Panel Hex Nut

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Cutoff Tool Holder Riser Block Body
Body only. Does not include screws or t-nut
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Fuse – 3A 125V
Replacement fuse for 4-Axis Driver Box
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#0 Morse Center
#0 Morse tailstock dead center
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55º LH Insert Holder Body

This is the body only, not a complete assembly. If you need the entire holder, you will need part number 2257

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