WW Collet Adapter for 5/8″ Gang Tooling


The collet adapter allows the use of WW collets in the 5/8″ Gang-Tool Post (not included). Using collets in the Gang-Tool Post means you can hold extremely small drills accurately on center. Drills of only a few thousandths of an inch can easily break if not perfectly centered.

The WW collet adapter holds Sherline WW collets that have a shank diameter of .312-.313″.

This collet adapter has a hex retaining cap to secure the collet in place. The hex cap is more easily tightened using a 1″ hex wrench (P/N 65025) than a knurled cap can be by hand. Using a wrench allows you to tighten the retaining cap tight enough to keep the drill from moving or spinning in the collet when using a CNC machine to drill your parts.

Body and Retaining Ring Material 12L14 Steel
Body Coating Black oxide
Collet Capacity #2081: WW (.312-.313 in.)
Part No. Description Quantity
20810 Sherline WW Collet Gang-Tooling Adapter Body (Inch) 1
20871 Hex Retaining Cap 1