Links to Accu-Pro/MASSO G3 Instructions

You can find written and video instructions on each of the Accu-Pro Machine product pages. Use the links below to go to the individual product pages. The written instructions are in .pdf format and are listed under the Instructions tabs. The video instructions are listed under the Videos tabs.

  • Accu-Pro Turn Ball Screw Chucker Lathe with MASSO Touch Controller
    P/N 696610M
  • Accu-Pro Turn Ball Screw Lathe with MASSO Touch Controller
    P/N 696840M
  • Accu-Pro VMC Ball Screw Mill with MASSO Touch Controller
    P/N 696858M

All G3 videos are also on our Accu-Pro/MASSO G3 Touch Control Instructional Videos page.

Setting up the MASSO Touch Screen Controller

Do you have a question about the Accu-Pro/MASSO G3 Touch Controller? Visit our MASSO G3 FAQs page to learn more.