Sherline lathes, mills, digital readouts, CNC-Ready, and accessory packages.

Sherline mills and lathes can be purchased together along with a selection of Sherline’s most popular shop accessories to put together a complete machine shop with just one simple order.

3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks, self-centering and independent chucks, collets (inch & mm), collet sets and accessories, and watch and clockmaker accessories.

Includes milling columns, tailstock tools, tool posts, cutting tools, and more.

Includes cutting tools, holding tools, angle plates, rotary tables, books and videos, and more.

Individual CNC components and CNC upgrade kits for your lathe, mill, and packages. Includes the optical encoder, limit switches, CNC upgrades, and CNC accessories.

Complete MASSO or Linux CNC systems for lathes, mills, and machining packages.

End mills, center drills, knurling tools, boring tools, etc.

Tables, rotary plates, “pin jaws,” and other laser marking and scanning accessories.

Sherline defines “replacement parts” as individual pieces that become part of a complete machine or accessory. Virtually any part from a Sherline machine or accessory is available except for some obsolete motors and accessories that have not been offered for many years.

CNC and Manual Industrial Slides, Powered Headstocks, Spindles, Rotary Tables, and Accessories (Visit the IPD site).