1st class or Small Flat Rate Box

1/4″ Drill Chuck Body
Does not include arbor, key or drawbar
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DRO Chip Upgrade
Upgrade your old DRO with our new DRO chip.
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Pie Master Jaws

NOTE: To customers who are buying these jaws for an existing chuck, please measure the width of your current chuck jaws with a pair of mics so we can grind your master jaws to match. State your current jaw width in … Continued

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Accordion Way Cover Set for Ball Screw Mills
Select your mill base length to order the proper size part.
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Ball Screw Handwheels

Adjustable “Zero” Handwheels for ball screw machines. The ball screws are only available in metric, so the numeric graduations on the handwheel dials are 2mm per revolution and .02mm per line.

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