Sherline PLH3D-XT-50 Laser Upgrade Kit


The Laser Mount is sold separately and works only on Sherline CNC milling machines.

The Laser Mount shown in the image is for reference only and is not included.

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About the Sherline Laser Upgrade Kit

Enhance your Sherline CNC milling machine with the advanced laser upgrade kit from Opt Lasers. This laser kit, in conjunction with our Sherline Laser Mount (P/N 8955), will expand your creative and practical capabilities effortlessly. For projects requiring intricate detail, the PLH3D-XT-50 head, with its 50 μm spot size, delivers unmatched precision, perfect for detailed engravings. These upgrades not only refine your Sherline’s mill performance but also open up new creative possibilities and functionalities, enabling a wider range of projects.

Ultra-HD High-Performance Sherline CNC Laser Upgrade with PLH3D-XT-50

Laser Head, PLH3D-CNC Adapter, PSU, Wiring, and Laser Safety Glasses

6W Optical Power, Ultra HD 550DPI 45um spot, max wood cutting thickness 1/8″ (3 mm)

Best For:
Very detailed engraving, cutting thin materials


We tested a few different lasers, and we found the Opt Lasers PLH3D to be the best value for the money and to have the best customer service. The Opt Lasers package has everything you need to get started. Other laser manufacturers make lasers that will fit our laser mount.

Cutting and Engraving

The PLH3D-XT-50 blue laser can cut and engrave various materials, such as wood, cardboard, rubber, paper, textiles, leather, plastic, balsa, plywood, and many others. It can also mark stainless steel, titanium, and low-heat conductance subtypes of steel. To learn more, please see the Opt Lasers Features and Benefits PDF.

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Use quality, safety laser glasses suitable for the laser that you are using.

Laser Marking Glass and Ceramics
Cold Galvanizing Compound

We have been using Cold Galvanizing Compound on all of the glasses and tiles that we have laser engraved. You can purchase Cold Galvanizing Compound at any hardware store; it will be in their paint department. You spray it on and let it dry. Then, when you laser engrave the glass or tile, the laser will burn the CGC and engraves the glass surface beneath the coating. Without the CGC, the laser would pass right through the clear glass without engraving at all. When the engraving is done, you just wash the CGC off and your item will be engraved.

Click the link to the right for information regarding Titanium Dioxide coatings.

Machining the Sherline Laser Mount

CNC Mill Laser Mount Demo: Laser Cutting Panels

CNC Mill Laser Mount Demo: Laser Engraving

Laser Marking a Handwheel Collar

Laser Marking a Glass

Laser Marking a Ceramic Tile w/ the Acorn Controller

Laser Marking the Sherline 50th Anniversary Logo

Product Technical Specifications

Optical Output Power 0.5W 6.0W
Wavelength 405 450
Beam Spot Size 10 µm by 4 µm 50 µm by 4 µm
Resolution for Laser Engraving Applications 3100 DPI 500 DPI
Dimensions of Laser Head (L x W x H) 40 x 55 x 140 mm
(1.6 x 1.7 x 5.51 in.)
Weight of Laser Head, Typ. 300g
Flow Rate of Fan 43 m3/h (25 CFM)
Fan Noise 58 dBA
Mounting Hole Pattern 4 holes, 24 x 15 mm
(0.94 x 0.59 in.)
Mounting Hole Type M3 x 0.5 x 4.5 mm
Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C (113°F)
Modulations Inputs 2
Modulation Input 1 Analog/TTL/PWM,
0 – 5 V
Modulation Input 21 TTL/PWM 0 – 24 V
Recommended PWM Base Frequency 5 – 10 kHz
Max. Modulation Bandwidth 30 kHz
Input Impedance of 1 and 2 >1 k-Ω
Power Supply Unit Voltage 12 – 24 V
12 V PSU Min. Current 2.5 A
24 V PSU Min. Current 1.25 A
Max. Power Consumption 20 W 30 W