Faulty Clamps on Threading/Grooving Carbide Insert Tool Holders (P/N 2267)

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It has come to our attention that there may be issues with some of our Threading/Grooving Carbide Insert Tool Holders (P/N 2267) not securely clamping the cutting inserts.

The problem is the clamp on the holder. The clamp is tightening down on the step of the insert rather than in the pocket of the insert. We used to buy these clamps, but they are no longer available, so we started making them in house. We initially designed them with symmetrical angle cuts on each side of the clamp nose, but they should not be the same. We have since changed the inside angle.


Click on the image for a larger view.

To get up and going right now, if you have a bench grinder or file, grind the backside of the clamp (circled in blue in the picture) until the tip of the clamp clears the step (shown by the red arrow). Then the clamp will lock the insert in place as it should.

Only about a dozen faulty clamps were shipped. Contact us immediately if you received one of these clamps. We will replace any defective clamps, free of charge.