A complete set of instructions for our most popular accessories.

Exploded view diagrams of Sherline machines with part numbers.

Answers to questions regarding Sherline tools and machines.

Answers to questions regarding CNC machines.

Answers to questions regarding DRO machines

Sherline lathes and mills can be ordered new with factory installed digital readouts, or retrofitted to include a digital readout, regardless of age.

Details explaining how to select the right mini-lathe or mini-mill for you.

Resources that are included are drawing-to-g-code converters, books on CNC, and links to other sites of interest for people learning and using CNC.

Includes specifications on CNC lathes and mills, CNC components, and CNC systems. Click on the pertinent tab near the top of the page for information.

Instructions on the aspects of machine adjustment.

Includes sources from raw materials, terminology, clubs and groups, to free calculators.

This listing offers a logical way to locate the part number of a particular accessory. The list is divided into five sections: Lathes, Vertical Milling Machines, Accessories for both Lathe and Mill, Accessories for Clockmakers, and Books and Videos.

Price lists include machines, packages, accessories and replacement parts.

Resources that are associated with the tools, processes and materials used in miniature machining.

If you are making special tooling or a custom accessory for your Sherline tools, this will save you the trouble of measuring your particular machine to find a dimension, some of which are actually quite difficult to measure.

Shop wisdom, modifications and shortcuts to simplify your machining projects.

Following are some brief descriptions so that you can see how the numbering system is organized. Though there may seem to be many choices, they are simply combinations of a few basic machines and accessories.

Craftsmanship requires quality tools. When Joe Martin founded Sherline Products Inc. in the early seventies, his vision was to produce a miniature tool line with every accessory needed to build small, complex  machined parts from metal on a kitchen table if need be.