How to Set up CNC Tools on Sherline Machines

If you use the endmill holders (P/N 3079) and the drill chuck holders (P/N 3074), you can get accurate tool length measurements for all of your tools.

Both of these holders locate on the shoulder of the spindle and the tool length can be measured from the tip of the tool to the back end of the holder.

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Now mount all of your tools in holders and measure the overall length.

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Now take the longest tool and use it to set the head height of your machine.

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Tool Height and Offsets:

  1. Set the longest tool (tool#3) 1.0” Above the top of your part. “If there are clamps or other fixtures, you may have to set your head height higher than 1” above the part.”
  2. On the tooling page the “length” for tool #3 will be -1.00.
  3. The lengths for all of the other (shorter) tools will be 1.0 + the difference in their length when compared to tool #3. Example: Tool #1 will = -2.25, Tool #2 will = -1.735

To finish, write tool #’s on each of your holders. Then input the length offset information on the tooling page. Set the holders in the order of operations. Start cutting chips.