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Rigid Column Base – Round


5605 Short Base-4″
5606 Tall Base-6″

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Product Description

About the Rigid Mill Column Bases for 2000/2100 Mills

For those who want the versatility of Sherline’s 2000/2010 mill column with its large work area and multiple directions of movement but have experienced unwanted column rotation during extreme machining loads on the 2000 mill, this new column offers another option. The one-piece column absolutely prevents that from happening, although you do give up the ability to rotate the column ram from side-to-side.

The columns bolt to the mill base using the same two side-by-side 1/4-20 SHCS’s as the normal base, although we include two new ones with each base. These columns have the newer style hole through the base to accept the Y-axis leadscrew cover tube. The short base is the same height as the regular 2000 mill round column (4″). The tall column is the same height as the 2000 round column with the riser block in place (6″).

Installation Orientation of the Rigid Column Base

When it is mounted, the step in front of the boss should be positioned toward the front of the machine (see picture below).

Red arrows indicate the front of the column base
56055 Round Mill 2000 Rigid Column Base (4″-Short)
56056 Round Mill 2000 Rigid Column Base (6″-Tall)
56140 Rigid Arm Hold Down Bolt
56240 (2) 1/4-20 X 1-1/2″ Skt Hd Cap Screw