6000 Series Ultimate Machine Shop Package (Includes 5400 Deluxe Mill, 4400 Lathe, and Accessories)
6200 Series Ultimate Machine Shop Package (Includes 2000 8-Direction Mill, 4400 Lathe, and Accessories)
6280 Series Ultimate Machine Shop Package (Includes 5800 NexGen Mill, 4400 Lathe, and Accessories)
8600 Series Ultimate CNC Machine Shop Package (Includes Deluxe Mill, Lathe, Rotary Table, and Accessories)

Buying tools as a package offers two advantages. First, we have made it easier by helping you with the selection of the most important items when setting up a shop. In addition, we have reduced the price of each package to save you money compared to when buying all the items separately. (Accessories are prepackaged for shipment, so we cannot make substitutions at the discounted price. Additional accessories may be purchased separately.)

Ultimate Machine Shop Packages

The Ultimate Machine Shop package includes a long bed lathe and deluxe mill plus all of the most important accessories most people choose when setting up a shop. The package can be purchased with either the 5400-series deluxe mill, 8-direction model 2000-series mill, or 5800-series NexGen mill. It can also be ordered with digital readouts or stepper motor mounts installed, or as a complete CNC package which includes a rotary table and a computer.