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Your CNC Options

Retrofit kits—Any existing Sherline machine can have stepper motor mounts added in place of the handwheels. Complete retrofits with computer and motors are available as well.

CNC-Ready—You can order any new Sherline machine with stepper motor mounts installed. You add the stepper motors, controls, software, computer, and other components to turn it into a complete CNC system.

Complete CNC—You can now buy a complete turnkey system with everything you need to get started. You can also order all our standard accessory packages. For example, you could order a CNC mill with the “A” accessory package, or you could order a complete shop package including lathe, mill and rotary table all fitted with stepper motor mounts, stepper motors, computer, drivers, and all the tooling and accessories.

Complete Ball Screw Mills—Our ball screw mills can be purchased with 12″, 14″, or 18″ bases, and come in CNC-ready or full CNC configurations. You can also retrofit your current CNC mill to a ball screw machine. Low friction in ball screws yields high mechanical efficiency compared to other leadscrew alternatives, and efficiencies can range from 70% to 95%.

Key upgrade parts for these ball screw mills include: Ball leadscrews, High-torque stepper-motor couplings, Ball screw mill saddle (nickel/Teflon plated) for the X/Y-axes, Vertical milling column saddle for ball screws, Column saddle Z-axis ball nut mount for the Z-axis, Linux CNC program disc designed specifically for ball screws.

CNC Features

  • Utilizes industry-standard g- and m-codes that you write yourself or generate from a CAD/CAM program (not included) that writes G-code.
  • Features powerful NEMA 23 size, 136 oz-in, dual shaft stepper motors.
  • Capable of accuracy to 0.001″ (0.01 mm) or better.
  • Tool offsets—Enter the tool diameter in the “tools” table, and the computer calculates how far to offset the tool path, so the side of the tool cuts the desired path.
  • Accepts inch or metric dimensions using G20, G21.
  • Instructions by Joe Martin—the most practical, concise and down-to-earth you will find on the subject of CNC.
  • Priced for the hobbyist but suitable for running small prototype or limited production work.
  • One year warranty for home (non-production) use.
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Sherline CNC System Links

Frequently Asked Questions About CNC.

A list of Authorized Sherline CNC Dealers that supply equipment to convert Sherline tools into CNC tools.

How to use Sherline’s CNC machines and how to write G-code.

CNC Mill and CNC Lathe specifications

How we got to where we are today and why the Sherline CNC instructions were written as they were.

The optional 4th axis for your mill.

Run a 4-axis Sherline CNC system using your computer.

A list G- and M-Code commands with the ones appropriate for Sherline use highlighted in red.

Following is a list of additional G-code reference links:
LinuxCNC G-Code Definitions
LinuxCNC Coordinate Systems
LinuxCNC Lathe Advanced Features
LinuxCNC Lathe Tool Table Tool Compensation
LinuxCNC Lathe User Information
LinuxCNC G-Code Tutorial-Lathe

For our customers who are interested in a G-code generator, one of our users has some information on one that he is building on this site, Lathe G-code Generator.

How to set up CNC tools on Sherline machines.

Related CNC resources and products as well as free Linux/EMC download links.

A linear controller is a simple programmable single-axis controller that requires no computer or G-code.

CNC Projects you can make with your Sherline CNC system. Examples from customers show you how it’s done.

Grind your own camshafts for model engines using CNC.

Follow the link to the YahooGroups site and type “Sherline CNC” in the query box. Join the group and get access to the advice of several thousand Sherline CNC users.

Compare how similar the Linux and Windows operating systems really are. The new “Lucid” build in our 6.0 version is the most “Windows-like” yet.

Step-by-step software installation instructions for version 6.0 (PDF file).

Troubleshooting Sherline’s CNC Systems

Information on EMC (PDF file).

A list of known issues and updates to the EMC program and physical changes to the machines.