Sherline now offers lathe and mill Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) systems that are so complete, they include a new computer (monitor not included) with preloaded software. This means you just unpack the machine and computer (monitor not included), connect the cables to the X, Y, and Z axes stepper motors, boot it up, and start working on, learning, and using CNC.

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Ball Screw Benchtop Lathe-Acorn CNC Control

You can custom-build your own ball screw lathe with an Acorn CNC controller. Choose the options in each step to configure your ball screw lathe, your Acorn control, and select optional limit switches. For more information and technical specifications of CNC machine components, use the links below to see their individual pages.

17" Ball Screw Benchtop Lathe Sherline/Acorn CNC Controller Limit Switch Assemblies

NOTE: The image shown includes the 4-axis driver box (P/N 8760) and is for reference only. Your Lathe/Acorn configuration might not include P/N 8760.

Lead time for custom-built machine/Acorn configurations is 3 to 4 weeks.


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Accu-Pro Turn Ball Screw Lathe with MASSO Touch Controller
2 to 4-week lead time

CONFIGURE YOUR MACHINE: Use the dropdown menus below to configure your Accu-Pro Lathe. To learn more about configuring your machine and the available Accessory Package, click on the Machine Accessories tab below.



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