Sherline offers complete CNC milling machines (Computer Numeric Controlled). The options include a vertical milling machine of your choice, stepper motors, and a computer (monitor not included) with preloaded CNC software. This means you just unpack the milling machine and computer, connect the cables to the stepper motors, boot the CNC system up, and begin using CNC on your mill.

Sherline CNC milling machines can cut metal, wood, or plastic and come in two different sizes: tabletop mills (10″ and 12″ bases) and benchtop mills (14″ and 18″ bases). All CNC milling machines are available in your choice of inch or metric calibrations. All our mills are made in the USA, and our customer service is second to none. Although our mills are small, they can produce high-quality precision parts. These CNC mills are desktop-size machines with full-size machine precision and capacity.

See our CNC Machining FAQs page for answers to the most common CNC questions.

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Accu-Pro VMC Ball Screw Mill with MASSO Touch Controller
2 to 4-week lead time CAUTION: The Accu-Pro Mill and Chucker Lathe must be mounted to a work surface, or they will tip when the tables are fully extended. (Please see the Options tab below for more information on the configuration options and accessory package.)


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