SHERLINE Faceplate and Drive Dog

P/N 4007 (Faceplate)
P/N 4009 (Drive Dog)

A Faceplate and Drive Dog are included with each SHERLINE Lathe as standard equipment. The SHERLINE Faceplate is a 3.00" (76mm) diameter plate that screws directly onto the lathe spindle. The primary purpose of a faceplate is to transmit power through a lathe Dog (P/N 4009) to a part mounted between centers. The maximum diameter which can be held with the dog is 5/8" (15.88mm).

Many times it is advantageous to bolt work directly onto the faceplate. This is especially true of large, irregularly shaped parts which cannot be conveniently mounted in the lathe by other means. Parts mounted on a faceplate can be turned, drilled, faced or bored as required.

Because the SHERLINE Faceplate is relatively inexpensive, it is a good idea to have one or two spares which can be modified as required to do those occasional "special jobs". NOTE: Do not run out-of-balance parts at high RPM.

FIGURE 1--In this example of turning between centers, the dog is fitted to the work which is to be turned and the work and dog are placed between the centers in the Headstock and Tailstock. Holes in the Faceplate accept the drive pin of the Dog.

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