3-Axis Lathe DRO with CNC Thrust Collars


NOTE: If using the DRO on a CNC machine, the axis cannot be moved faster than 15 in/min (381mm/min). The DRO was designed for manual use and it will not give a correct position readout at faster feed rates.

Select the inch/metric option to match the DRO handhweels to your machine’s leadscrew pitch. All ball screw machines use a metric pitch.

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Product Description

Upgraded DRO Chip

Beginning August 1st, 2021, all DROs will ship with an upgraded chip. This new chip upgrade allows our Digital Readout to function with our ball screw machines as well as our standard leadscrew machines. We also programmed some upgrades based on customer feedback, like using Metric on Inch machines and using Inch on Metric machines.

The new DRO chip has six different modes to choose from based on the machine type, e.g., mill, lathe, leadscrew, or ball screw, and your preference of either inch or metric display on the DRO.

For more detailed information on setting up the modes for DRO, please see the DRO Mode Instructions.

NOTE: You must make sure you have the correct RPM tach sticker for your machine. Use a 6-pulse (P/N 81510) tach sticker if your machine is a leadscrew machine or a 5-pulse tach sticker (P/N P/N 68060) if your machine is a ball screw machine.


This kit is installed on a lathe with a vertical milling column to give a full 3-axis digital readout the same as on a mill. For more details on the mill digital readout, see P/N 8100.

This DRO kit comes with CNC thrust collars to allow you to use the DRO on a 3-axis lathe, like a mill, with stepper motors installed. You must remove the handwheels to install CNC stepper motor mounts on a Sherline machine. Sherline’s digital readout system measures handwheel rotation and translates it electronically into table movement rather than measuring table movement directly; therefore, removing the special DRO handwheels eliminates the DRO function. Some CNC users prefer to have a DRO reading the leadscrew movement to cross-check the CNC input to ensure that the axis has actually moved the amount of the stepper motor input.

As a cost-saving measure, an accommodation has also been made for owners of both a lathe and mill to use a single electronic display box for both machines. The input cables from the lathe can be unplugged and the readout box transferred from the lathe to the mill and vice versa. Depending on which machine you already have fitted with a DRO, ask for the upgrade for the other machine that allows you to use your existing box. See P/N 8210 if you already have a lathe with a DRO. See P/N 8220 if you already have a mill with a DRO.

220-240 Volt Electrical Current

The DRO power supply automatically switches from 120V to 240V for countries with 220-240 volt electrical current. You may need to use a wall socket adapter if you use the power supply in a country outside North America.

NOTE: The DRO can be ordered on any new machine as a factory-installed option. The digital readout handwheels replace the standard handwheels that would normally come with the machine. The regular handwheels are not included if you purchase a machine with factory-installed DRO. If you purchase the DRO as a separate option and install it yourself, you will have the stock handwheels left over.

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 8100 Mill Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF 8200 Lathe Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF DRO Mode Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF DRO on CNC

Instructions PDF Download

81010 Mill DRO box and electronics (complete)
81320 2″ X-axis handwheel, inch (Metric 81322)
81330 2″ Y-axis handwheel, inch (Metric 81332)
81340 2.5″ Z-axis handwheel, inch (Metric 81342)
81100 Encoder housing w/ wheel and cable
81110 Encoder housing upper cap
81120 Encoder housing body
81130 Encoder housing lower cap
81300 Crosslide thrust collar
81508 Leadscrew thrust collar
81350 Z-axis thrust collar
81280 #2 x 3/8” Self-tapping pan head screw
81270 2-56 x 3/8″ pan head Phillips screw
81500 Tachometer encoder & cable asby.
81510 Tachometer pickup decal
40440 #2 x 1/4” Self-tapping pan head screw
81310 Encoder star gear
81080 Black tie-wrap (not shown)
81050 115 VAC Power supply/transformer
81150 Stand for readout display box
45013 Z-axis handwheel support screw

DRO Handwheel Installation