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12″ Deluxe Tabletop Mill XY Base


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Product Description

Purpose of the Sherline Tabletop Mill XY Bases

Each of our four mill sizes is available as an XY base. You can purchase the base of any of our vertical mills as an XY base if you already own a vertical milling column for use with your lathe. The XY base offers a sturdier base and a larger work area than the lathe. Lathe owners can then swap the headstock and motor/speed control from their lathe to the vertical milling column in approximately 60 seconds.

XY bases have also found their way into the industrial market and are used in various manufacturing setups.

If You Have a Standard Mill Column Base

Please note that milling column bases made before 1995 must be modified in order to work with this XY base. You can return your older vertical milling column to the factory to be re-machined and used with an XY base rather than purchasing the entire vertical milling machine (Contact us for pricing).

Vertical milling column bases made after 1995 do not need to be modified. This combination saves you the amount of money included in the cost of the vertical mill for the column but gives you the same machine minus the headstock and motor/speed control.

About the 12″ Deluxe Tabletop Mill XY Base

The Deluxe Tabletop Mill XY base is the same base used in our 5400-series tabletop mill. It has zero adjustable handwheels, and laser-engraved scales on the table and base.

Standard Features for the Deluxe Tabletop Mill XY Base

  • 12″ Mill Base
  • 13″ Mill Table
  • 2″ (51mm) resettable, zero adjustable handwheels on the X- and Y-axes. Each handwheel has laser-engraved aluminum handwheel collars.
  • Oil reservoir on the X/Y axes
  • Travel: X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=5.0″ (127 mm)

Optional Y-axis Leadscrew Cover Upgrades for the Mill XY Base

Brass tube cover for the rear of the Y-axis*
Accordion way cover for the front and rear of the Y-axis
Mill Column Base

*You must purchase the Mill Column Base (P/N 50050) to work with the brass tube cover.

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 5200 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

XY Base Comparison Chart
P/N (inch/metric) NAME WEIGHT TRAVEL
5200/5210 Mill XY Base (10″ base, plain handwheels) 19 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=3.0″ (76 mm)
5220/5225 Mill XY Base (10″ base w/ adjustable handwheels) 19 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=3.0″ (76 mm)
5200-CNC/5210-CNC Mill XY Base (10″ base) with stepper motor mounts ready for CNC 20 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=3.0″ (76 mm)
5401/5411 Mill XY Base (Deluxe 12″ base) 21 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=5.0″ (127 mm)
5401-CNC/5411-CNC Mill XY Base (12″ base) with stepper motor mounts ready for CNC 22 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=5.0″ (127 mm)
5600/5610 Mill XY Base (Deluxe 14″ 2000 base) 22 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=7.0″ (178 mm)
5600-CNC/5610-CNC Mill XY Base (14″ 2000 base) with stepper motor mounts ready for CNC 23 lbs. X=8.65″ (220 mm), Y=7.0″ (178 mm)
5801/5811 Mill XY Base (NexGen 18″ 5800 base) 27 lbs. X=13.65″ (347 mm), Y=11.0″ (279 mm)
5801-CNC/5811-CNC Mill XY Base (18″ 5800 base) with stepper motor mounts ready for CNC 28 lbs. X=13.65″ (347 mm), Y=11.0″ (279 mm)
3420 2″ Zero Handwheel, Y-axis Assembly (P/N 3492 metric)
3428 2″ Zero Handwheel, X-Axis Assembly (P/N 3430 metric)
40280 Thrust Collar Assembly
40510 (3) 10-32 X 3/8″ SHC Screw
40520 (4) 10-32 X 3/16 Cup Pt Set Screw
40530 (2) 5-40 X 3/8″ SHC Screw
40560 Hex Key 3/16″
40690 10-32 X 3/4″ SHC Screw
40760 10-32 X 5/8″ Thumb Screw
40820 (2) Gib Lock
40890 Slide Screw Insert (P/N 41890 metric)
40980 (2) Crosslide Gib (Instructions)
45070 Lock (Teflon)
50130 Back Lash Nut, X-axis Assembly (P/N 51130 metric)
50140 Back Lash Nut, Y-axis Assembly (P/N 51140 metric)
50150 (2) Anti-Backlash Lock (10/98)
50170 Lead Screw, X-axis Assembly (P/N 51170 metric)
50190 (2) Lock, X-axis Assembly
50200 Nut, Y-axis (P/N 51200 metric)
50210 (2) 8-32 X 1/4″ Pan Hd Screw
50220 (2) 1/4-20 X 1-3/4″ SHC Screw
50280 Thrust Collar (Mill)
50910 Mill Saddle Assembly
54020 12″ Mill Base-Lasered Measurement Assembly (P/N 54120 metric)
54160 10″ Y-axis Screw (P/N 54170 metric)
54180 Deluxe Mill Table Assembly (P/N 54190 metric)