Our Ball Screw milling machines come with all-new saddles developed for the ball screws. The ball screws are rolled with a BSH nut and are 10 mm in diameter with a 2 mm lead. The ball screw machines are available only in CNC configurations. CNC-ready ball screw mills are not turn-key machines and cannot be used until stepper motors have been installed.

Sherline Ball Screw milling machines can cut metal, wood, or plastic and come in two different sizes: tabletop mills (12″ bases) and benchtop mills (14″ and 18″ bases). All Ball Screw milling machines only come in a metric pitch, so the numeric graduations on the handwheel dials are 2 mm per revolution and .02 mm per line.

All our mills are made in the USA, and our customer service is second to none. Although our mills are small, they can produce high-quality precision parts. These Ball Screw mills are tabletop-size machines with full-size machine precision and accuracy.

See our Ball Screw FAQs or CNC Machining FAQs pages for answers to the most common Ball Screw and CNC questions.