If you already have a Sherline lathe and would like the components needed to add stepper motors and upgrade it to CNC, these kits will make it easier for you.

CNC-Ready Upgrade Kits
UPGRADE NOTICE: If you are converting a manual mill to CNC, you will also need to purchase the Mill CNC Z-Axis Backlash Adjustment Kit, see details below
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LinuxCNC Computer System with Driver Box

The Computer Includes the Following Built-in Driver box (Converts g-code to steps to run DC stepper motors) Output cables for X, Y, Z, and A pre-wired with DIN plugs for stepper motors Keyboard and mouse (you supply the monitor) 4 … Continued

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LinuxCNC Computer System without Driver Box

Computer Specifications: Processor Speed: 2 GHz or faster RAM: 2 GB Hard Drive: 250 GB Internal drive: DVD-RW External drive: 1 GB USB Flash drive Current: Internal switches are set to 110VAC but can be reset for operation with 230 … Continued

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