If you already have a Sherline lathe and would like the components needed to add stepper motors and upgrade it to CNC, these kits will make it easier for you.

The MASSO G3 CNC controller, power supply, stepper motors, cable system and optical encoder are sold as a part of our Accu-Pro line of machines and are not available for purchase separately or as an upgrade option to existing machines.

Protected: Sherline/MASSO CNC Controller
4 week lead time You must select an optical encoder to use the MASSO CNC controller. Limit switches are highly recommended but not required. Select the limit switches and optical encoder below for your MASSO controller. If nothing is selected you will just receive the Masso controller with no limit switches or an optical encoder.
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LinuxCNC Computer System with Driver Box

The Computer Includes the Following Built-in Driver box (Converts g-code to steps to run DC stepper motors) Output cables for X, Y, Z, and A pre-wired with DIN plugs for stepper motors Keyboard and mouse (you supply the monitor) 4 … Continued



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LinuxCNC Computer System without Driver Box

Computer Specifications: Processor Speed: 2 GHz or faster RAM: 2 GB Hard Drive: 250 GB Internal drive: DVD-RW External drive: 1 GB USB Flash drive Current: Internal switches are set to 110VAC but can be reset for operation with 230 … Continued



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