CrisCraft model

M.H. Ellet's Chris Craft runabout features not only beautiful mahogany work, but detailed deck fittings machined and polished to perfection. To produce small parts of this quality, good tools are a must.

Why Sherline Tools Are Right For You

At Sherline, our goal has been to produce a high quality line of miniature machine tools at a price that offers a great value to the customer. Accuracy and versatility have been prime requirements in the design process. As a result, we have been gratified to find that almost half of our sales have been to technicians and industrial customers who adapt our machines to production line use to make a tremendous variety of small parts. This fact alone attests to the accuracy, adaptability and dependability of Sherline tools.

In 1972, the first Sherline lathe along with several new accessories were completely produced and marketed in the United States. In 1975, the Vertical Milling Machine was totally designed and manufactured at our San Marcos, California facility. Since then, Sherline has devoted itself to providing versatile, quality products by using the latest manufacturing and engineering techniques. State-of-the-art computer controlled equipment allows us to produce tools that are of higher quality and more accurate, while at the same time allowing us to keep production costs down, making Sherline tools an even better buy. A laser engraving machine now precisely engraves scales providing even greater accuracy and a higher quality look. It is also an example of one more job done "in house" to maximize both quality and reduce costs. In fact, over 40 major machine tools are used to produce all Sherline's machined parts.

As Sherline tools enter their third decade of production, we take pride in certain benchmarks of our progress. What began as an imported machine is now made entirely in the U.S.A. In addition, Sherline tools are now exported throughout the world. Attesting to the good basic design of the machine is the fact that accessories can work just as well on Sherline tools made 30 years ago or today. Our extensive line of accessories is unmatched and continues to grow each year.

Another feature that sets Sherline apart is our complete, well written and illustrated instructions. We are able to pass on this valuable knowledge to our customers because the people who design and build Sherline tools use them themselves and understand your needs. Sherline's engineering staff has an extensive background not only as machinists, but also as modelers. The owner, Joe Martin, has been involved for many years in competitive radio controlled modeling and understands the needs of the hobbyist. He is also an accomplished race car driver racing both Formula Fords in SCCA and a vintage IndyCar in VARA, so he knows about the demands of high performance and the need for precision and dependability.

The combination of sound design principles and sophisticated manufacturing techniques has eliminated the need to constantly redesign our products. In a world of planned obsolescence and disposable everything, it is a pleasure to work with a tool built with quality in mind. If, as a hobbyist, jeweler or technician, you want or need to produce your own accurate small machined parts, Sherline tools are right for you!

Sherline Offers Tools, Not Toys!

Sherline tools are used throughout the world in industry, schools, labs and by the hobbyist...wherever there is a need for small precision machined parts. They are operated by engineers, scientists, technicians, and model makers to produce prototype parts in metal, plastic, and wood. Craftsmen should have no problem operating Sherline miniature machine tools, for they are designed to be operated by people with a "common sense" knowledge of mechanics. The skills of an experienced machinist are not required.

The Craftsman's Alternatives

Eventually every technician and hobbyist will find they need a part which cannot be purchased or built with ordinary hand or power tools. The choice has been either struggling with a hand drill and file or spending thousands of dollars on standard machine shop equipment. Now, Sherline tools fill the gap between makeshift hand tools and expensive professional equipment. They are capable of producing a great variety of machined parts. Accessories are available which allow them to perform virtually any machining operation, the size of the part being the only limitation. Sherline equipment and accessories incorporate many features found only in the best production machines.

Quality Features On Sherline Tools:

Domestic Content—Every part we can possibly make ourselves, we make and assemble in our own factory in the USA from castings, extrusions and billet stock that is produced in the USA . For those parts we cannot make ourselves we make every effort to purchase first from a US company. Our goal is to assure that Sherline tools contain as high a percentage of US content as is humanly possible in today's global marketplace. We support the American worker and economy.

VERSATILITY...A Small Solution To Big Problems

Sherline machines have a tremendous capacity to turn out parts for all kinds of uses. Aluminum, steel, brass, plastic, or wood parts can be machined on the lathe or mill, yet the machines can be stored on a closet shelf. Together, the lathe and milling machine with their many available accessories are capable of performing all of the standard machining operations. Now, there is almost no small machining job that can hold up your project! If a part isn't available, just design and machine your own.

ECONOMY...It Doesn't Cost Much To Produce Valuable Custom Parts

The value of any tool is the relationship between its cost and the results it produces. For most of the small machining jobs encountered by the average user, Sherline machines will produce results equal to machines costing many times more. Unless money is no object, why pay more?

A good tool never becomes obsolete. The operations done on a lathe or mill have remained the same since the dawn of the machine age. A good 50-year old lathe still produces good parts. Sherline machines are designed and built to last for generations.

ECONOMY, VERSATILITY, and QUALITY--Sherline machines embody all three in an unbeatable combination. That's VALUE!

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