Manual Rotary Table Upgrade to CNC-Ready


Cost to convert your rotary table is $218.20 plus shipping. You must call or email us for an RMA # (Return Authorization) before sending your rotary table back.

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About Converting Your Manual Rotary Table to CNC-Ready

To upgrade a manual rotary table to CNC-ready, the entire worm housing and the components inside must be replaced with a CNC worm housing. This is done as a factory-only replacement. You will need to ship your manual rotary table back to our factory for the conversion.

Contact us for a Return Authorization

You must call or email us for an RMA # (Return Authorization) before sending back your rotary table.

NOTE: You can add a stepper motor of your choice to your CNC-ready upgrade at an additional cost.
Standard stepper motor: P/N 67127
High-torque stepper motor: P/N 67126

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Download PDF 87001 Manual Rotary Table Upgrade to CNC-Ready Instructions

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Download PDF 3700-CNC Ready Instructions

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