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Product Description

Sherline offers machines in CNC-ready configuration for those wishing to supply their own stepper motors and controls. We also offer linear and rotary motion controllers that will drive an individual stepper motor without the need for a separate computer or driver. Sherline motion controllers come with stepper motors, but for those who wish to purchase additional motors or wish to buy them from us to put together their own CNC system, we offer a high-quality stepper motor.

Shafts and Flats

Sherline stepper motors have shafts at both ends so that a handwheel can be used for manual control if desired. Flats are ground onto each end of the shaft to accommodate set screws for handwheel and coupling. If a stepper motor is to be used with a Sherline motor mount, the shaft going into the coupling should have a flat machined or ground on it where the set screw bites into it. If this is not done, the point of the set screw can upset the shaft surface sufficiently to make it impossible to remove the coupling. For non-Sherline applications, the flat may not be necessary.

Powerful dual-shaft motors are prewired for a quick hookup

8760_plug18760_plug2Stepper motor 67127 has six wire leads pre-wired in a connector that plugs directly into the Sherline linear or rotary controller.

Both the complete CNC system and the driver box come with 4 cables pre-wired with a 5-pin plug. These match the plugs on the P/N 67127 stepper motor sold by Sherline. To hook up the system all you do is plug each stepper motor into the cable for the proper axis. It couldn’t get much easier than that.

Powerful dual-shaft motor, P/N 67130, with raw wire leads for customized hookup

This stepper motor has six wire leads and does NOT include a plug.

WIRE COLORS: We have found that there is no standardization in the industry when it comes to wire colors, so we do not publish a color chart. Each time we have changed motor suppliers the colors to each pin have been changed. Therefore, we can only recommend that customers use a continuity checker to find which colored wire in the white plastic connector at the motor end connects to which of the five pins on the DIN plug. It seems common that the black and white (or tan) wires connect to the center of the 5 pins, but other colors vary.


The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 67127 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF Removing Stepper Motors

Instructions PDF Download

Frame size NEMA #23
Shaft 1/4″ diameter, dual shafts
Holding Torque .775 N.m (Newton meters)
7.9 kg-cm
109.71 oz/in (ounce inch)
6.856 in/lb (inch pound)
Maximum RPM 530 RPM
Voltage 3.2 V DC
Current 2 A
Step Angle 1.8° (200 steps/rev)

Download PDF Specification Sheet

Instructions PDF Download

Video instructions on how to remove and install Sherline CNC Stepper Motors

Removing Stepper Motors

Installing Stepper Motors

Aligning the Stepper Motor to the Ball Screw