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Drill Chuck Tool Holder


Drill Chuck Tool Holder (includes Tommy bar)

Drill chuck and drill bit are shown for reference only (not included)

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About the Drill Chuck Tool Holder

Many jobs on a mill require a change of tools from one size to another or from an end mill to a drill bit. If the depth of the hole is critical, putting a drill chuck into the spindle taper each time and pulling it up with the drawbolt is time-consuming, and tapping the drawbolt to remove it from the taper can cause the column alignment to be compromised if the column is not properly supported while it is removed.

This new holder makes it possible to screw drill chucks onto the spindle just like end mill holders are attached. An additional advantage is that the tool length remains the same each time, so no changes are needed in the Tools Table if you are working with a CNC machine. The drill chuck is simply threaded onto the 3/8-24 thread of the holder, the drill bit is mounted and the length measured. Now, each time it is threaded onto the 3/4-16 spindle thread it returns to exactly the same place and is easily removed with a Tommy bar. Having a drill chuck and holder for each different drill size in your operation can save a lot of time during tool changes.

A Tommy bar is included for tightening/loosening the holder on the spindle. The female and male threads on the holder are cut single-pointed on a CNC machine for accurate concentricity.

Great for quick tool changes in CNC!

Click the Instructions or Video tabs above to see how the Drill Chuck Tool Holder is used in a CNC operation.

For CNC applications, being able to change tooling quickly without having to adjust tool length is a real plus. By using end mill holders instead of collets, tools can be removed and replaced quickly, and each time they are tightened they return the tool to the same length it was before. This simple tool holder has a threaded end that accepts 1/4″ or 3/8″ Drill Chucks once the #1 Morse arbor is removed from them. A drill chuck with a drill bit in place held on this holder can be used, removed and replaced and the tip of the drill will be reset to the same height each time. Once a drill held in this holder has been assigned a tool number in your program, changing tools and changing back to this drill will not require a change in tool length in your program. You should consider having a separate chuck mounted to one of these holders for each different size drill in your CNC operation if you repeat these tool changes over a large number of parts. The time savings will soon pay for the extra fixtures.

NOTE: The holder does not include a chuck. If you do not already have a 1/4″ or 3/8″ Drill Chuck, you can order them as P/N 3072 for the 1/4″ chuck or P/N 3073 for the 3/8″ chuck. The #1 Morse arbor is removed from the chuck and the 3074 adapter is screwed on.

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The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


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Download PDF LinuxCNC Help for the Sherline Machine CNC System Instructions
See page 5 for use of the Drill Chuck Holder (P/N 3074) in CNC tool setups.

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