3C Lever Collet Closer


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Product Description

About the 3C Lever Collet Closer

Figure 1—3C Lever Collet Closer
installed on a 6600 Chucker Lathe.
Click on the image for a larger view.

Anyone doing repetitive lathe operations on small parts will find this new accessory saves a lot of time when holding parts in a 3C collet. Instead of loosening and retightening the drawbar each time a part is inserted, you make that adjustment just one time with this closer. After that, the collet is released and retightened simply by pushing a lever back and forth. Moving the lever to the right releases the part from the collet, a new part is inserted, and the lever is moved back to the left to lock the part in the collet.

Long stock up to 1/2″ in diameter can be held through the 3C collets and spindle. Larger parts can be held in one of our 3- or 4-jaw chucks with the use of our chuck adapter (P/N 10670).

With the addition of the 3C Lever Collet Closer, our customers are one step closer to full automation of their 3C collet headstock. We used the same tried and proven design as our 1150 Lever Collet Closer, along with the same high-grade materials and hardened steel parts. This is a very well-designed accessory and very durable. It will give our customers years of trouble-free, dependable use.

NOTE: The Standard Lever Collet Closer and 3C Lever Collet Closer were designed to be used with our standard pulley set, which has a maximum RPM of 2,800. It will work with the 10,000 RPM pulley set; however, the parts are going to wear faster, and any vibration that is in the yoke is going to be increased.

Easy Installation

  • Easy to install—Remove the end piece from your 3C headstock spindle and replace it with the spindle mount sleeve. Use the 5-40 x 1/8″ set screw to keep the part from threading off during use. Note: Just tighten the set screw until it is snug, DO NOT over-tighten it.
  • Using the screws that are supplied, mount the base to the 3C headstock riser block or to your Sherline Lathe base.
  • Installation and operation are covered in the thorough, illustrated instructions that come with this accessory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 3C Lever Collet Closer ships with a mounting base. However, you will need to select the proper mounting base for your needs when placing your order.

  • P/N 11520C—Standard lathe mounting base to a 3C headstock (4000 and 4400 models)
  • P/N 11521C—Chucker lathe mounting base to a 3C headstock (6600 models)


See Cary Millsap’s Tip #75 on how to install a removable tach sensor.

Figure 2—Shows the two 10-32 holes
machined into the top of the 3C headstock.
Click on the image for a larger view.

NOTE: We have plans to manufacture and offer a bar feed system to our 3C headstock. In the meantime, our 3C headstock already has two 10-32 holes machined into the top of it (see Figure 2) for the addition of a pneumatic cylinder in order to fully automate our 3C lever collet closer.

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 3025 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

P/N 11520C is for mounting a 3C Collet Closer to a 3C headstock on our standard lathes

P/N 11525C is for mounting a 3C Collet Closer to a 3C headstock on our standard lathes with risers

P/N 11521C is for mounting a 3C Collet Closer to a 3C headstock on our chucker lathe

Part No. Description Quantity
11501 LCC Handle Shaft 1
11502 LCC Handle Knob 1
11503C 3C LCC Hub 1
11504C 3C LCC Guide Ring 1
11507C 3C LCC Ball Carrier 1
11508C 3C LCC Knob Adapter Plate 1
11509C 3C LCC Thrust Collar 2
11510C 3C LCC Drawbar Tube 1
11512C 3C LCC Spindle Mount Sleeve 1
11514C 3C LCC Cam 2
11516C 3C LCC Cam Cap 1
11518C 3C LCC Cam Shoe 2
11521CL 3C LCC Base (for Chucker Lathe) 1
11520SL 3C LCC Base (for Standard Lathe) 1
11522C 3C LCC Yoke 1
11524C 3C 3/16″ X 1″ Harden Steel Dowel Pin 1
11526C 3C 3/16″ X 3/4″ Harden Steel Dowel Pin 2
11528 5-40 x 3/16″ Cone Point Set Screw 3
11530C 3C 3/16″ Steel Bearing Balls 8
11532C 3C 10-32 x 1/4″ Dog Point Set Screw 2
11534C 3C 10-32 x 3/8″ Half Dog Point Set Screw 1
11535C 3C 10-32 x .513″ Set Screw w/ Spring Loaded Ball 1
11537 5-40 x 1-1/2″ SHC Screw 3
30118C 3C LCC Drawbar Knob 1
30129 5-40 1/8″ 3C Set Screw 1
37160 Locking Nut 1
40340 10-32 x 1″ SHC Screw (for Chucker Lathe Base) 4
40550 5/32″ hex key 1
40570 3/32″ hex key 1
40690 10-32 x 3/4″ SHC Screw (for Standard Lathe Base) 2
40720 10-32 x 1-1/2″ SHC Screw 4

Click the P/Ns below to download a zipped version of the IGS 3D CAD files. You will need to extract the zip file before viewing the IGS file.
3025 3C Lever Collet Closer with Chucker Lathe Base 3D IGS Model
3025 3C Lever Collet Closer with Standard Lathe Base 3D IGS Model
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