A collection of tools and accessories for turning pool cues.

Split Bed Pool-Cue Lathe
Split Bed Pool-Cue Lathe (Includes headstock and motor, 2.5" chuck, spur driver, tailstock, and live center) 4 week lead time
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Spur Driver
Spur Driver

The spur driver is used in the headstock to drive wood when turning between centers, rather than using the 3-jaw chuck. The body has a #1 Morse taper. It has a center point and four “teeth” that bite into the … Continued

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Pool Cue Live Center
Due to the case-hardening process, the live center may show distinct surface discoloration. This does not impact the quality of the live center and can be buffed out if desired
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6500 Stepper Motor Spindle Drive Conversion Kit
Stepper Motor Spindle Mount Kit
Stepper Motor Spindle Mount Kit Drive your headstock with a stepper motor instead of the standard DC spindle motor.
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