Spindle “Tommy” Bar

Spindle “Tommy” Bars are use to aid in the operation of opening and closing scrolling chucks and in the headstock spindle to provide leverage when unthreading tooling. They have a diameter of 5/32″ and are 3-1/8″ long.

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Spindle Bar Grips
Set of two rubber grip covers for the spindle bars
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Spindle Bar Set with Grips
Spindle Bar Set with Grips
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3C to 3/4-16 Chuck Arbor

About the 3C to ¾-16 Chuck Arbor If you wish to use a chuck with the 3C headstock, you can purchase P/N 10670, which is our 3C to ¾-16 chuck arbor. All of our 3- and 4-jaw chucks with a ¾-16 … Continued

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3/8″ Dia. Straight Shaft Chuck Arbor
(Chuck not included, shown for reference only)
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Chuck Adapters for Rotary Table

About the Rotary Table Chuck Adapters Now you can attach a 1/4″ or 3/8″ drill chuck, an older Unimat chuck with 12 x 1 mm or 14 x 1 mm threads or a 1/2-20 Sears chuck to your Sherline rotary … Continued

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