PTFE (Teflon) based lubricants for your machines

Super Lube lubricant with Syncolon® (PTFE) comes in 3 ounce tubes of grease or an 11 ounce spray can of dry lubricant. (Click on either photo for larger image.)

7550 Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic grease, 3 oz. tube .5 lb $8.50
7555 Super Lube Dri Film Aerosol, 11 oz. can 1 lb $17.75

Several years ago a customer recommended we try a new Teflon-based grease on our machines. He had found that it really improved the performance and ease of use on his Sherline mill. We tried some and found he was right. We purchased a large bucket of a synthetic grease called Super Lube with Syncolon® and have been lubricating all our new machines with it. Since then we have had many requests for the name and source of the lubricant we use. We are now able to offer both the synthetic grease and a dry spray version as part of our accessory line to allow you to order it along with other Sherline products. Aside from lubricating the moving parts of your Sherline machines, you will also find many uses for these lubricants around the house or shop.

The grease contains PTFE (Teflon) and is used as a multi-purpose lubricant. It is clear and non-toxic. Super Lube is a NLGI grade 2 heavy-duty multi-purpose lubricant compatible with most lubricants. It outlast conventional greases by 40-100% and has excellent adhesion. It is dielectric and impervious to water and is listed as a USDA food grade lubricant (rated H-1) having an effective temperature range of –45° F. to 450° F. It will not run, drip, dry out, melt or separate and does not evaporate or form gummy deposits. It is also non-staining. The grease is recommended for leadscrews and behind handwheels where they rub against the thrust. It can also be used on the bed, carriage and saddle dovetails of the lathe and mill, on gears, hinges and bearings.

The dry spray also contains PTFE. The propellant from the spray can evaporates almost immediately, leaving behind a thin, dry layer of PTFE or Teflon, one of the slipperiest substances known to man. The dry spray is excellent for use on machine slides because it doesn't tend to cause chips stick to it. It can also be used on leadscrews, locks, linkages, cables, pumps, small gears and garage door chain or screw drives.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and more data about the lubricants can be found on the Super Lube web site at

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