Tool Setter Plate


About the Tool Setter Plate

Our tool setter plate is a generic tool setter that we offer for our Accu-Pro mill and our Acorn Controller. The tool setter has the proper cable connections to connect to the MASSO Touch control and the Acorn control. These are bullet connectors. One is male, and the other is female (so they cannot be incorrectly connected).

The tool accessory cables for a Tool Setter Plate or a Touch Probe (touch probe NOT sold by Sherline) have already been wired to the G3 board and the correct resistor. This removes the need for you to do any internal wiring to the G3 board. All you need to do is connect the desired accessory to the preinstalled dedicated cables on the Touch control. Only one accessory can be connected to the Touch control at any given time.

About the Sherline/MASSO Touch Connectors for Tool Setter Plates and Touch Probes

We use single and double Molex connectors because these are standard in the industry. When you receive your G3 Touch control, we have already supplied the cables with the Molex connectors. You just plug your accessory wires into the corresponding existing cables.

If you have not purchased your tool setter from us or purchased a third-party touch probe, you will need to buy connectors to fasten them to the supplied cables on the G3 Touch control unit. We recommend the Molex connectors from Mouser.

Molex | Mouser Connectors

Single pin Molex connector Mouser# 538-03-06-1011 (03-06-1011 Molex | Mouser)

Single pin Molex connector Mouser# 538-03-06-2011 (03-06-2011 Molex | Mouser)

Pin & Socket Molex Connectors 2 CIRCUIT RECEPTACLE Mouser# 538-03-06-1023 (03-06-1023 Molex | Mouser)

Pin & Socket Molex Connectors 2 CKT PLUG NATURAL Mouser# 538-03-06-2023 (03-06-2023 Molex | Mouser)

Pin & Socket Connectors CRIMP SKT BULK 18-24 Mouser# 538-02-06-1103 (02-06-1103 Molex | Mouser)

Pin & Socket Connectors CRIMP PIN BULK 18-24 Mouser# 538-02-06-2103 (02-06-2103 Molex | Mouser)

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 8702 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download the Wiring the Tool Setter and Touch Probe on the MASSO G3 Touch Control Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download the Setting up a Tool Setter for Use with Acorn CNC Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Accu-Pro VMC Mill – Using a Tool Setter and Tool Setting Commands