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Lathe Lever Collet Closer Stop Kit

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About the Collet Stop

An optional material stop, P/N 1153, is available for the collet closer. The stop block threads into the back of the collet knob. Included are four different length rods for various ranges of adjustment. The rods are held in place by a set screw. With the proper rod in place, the material is inserted in the collet until it hits the stop, providing a consistent position for a series of identical parts. A scribed mark 1.5″ from the end of each rod shows when the rod is extended past a safe operating distance from the end of the spindle. If the scribed line can be seen, the next shorter rod should be substituted.


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1150 Lever Collet Closer
1152 Lever Collet Closer Riser

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 1152-1153 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Part No. Description Quantity
11541 LCC Adjustable Collet Stop Body 1
11542 LCC Adjustable Collet Stop Rod 3.943″ 1
11543 LCC Adjustable Collet Stop Rod 5.443″ 1
11544 LCC Adjustable Collet Stop Rod 6.943″ 1
11545 LCC Adjustable Collet Stop Rod 8.443″ 1
11546 8-32 x 5/16″ Socket head set screw 1
76140 5/64″ Allen Hex Key 1

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