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No single tool manufacturer, including makers of the full-size machine tool lines, offers a wider range of accessories for their tools. When starting out, we could not depend on aftermarket suppliers to make accessories for our tools. For almost four decades, we have been not only fine-tuning and upgrading the machines, but we have also been developing new accessories to make more jobs possible or easier on Sherline tools. One of the best reasons to invest in Sherline tools is the large accessory line available to help you complete virtually any machining task in miniature.

One of the things that set Sherline apart from other machine tools is the complete instructions we have prepared on all our machines and accessories. A full-color Instruction Guide comes with each machine. In addition, each accessory purchased comes with its own complete instructions when they are needed. If you are not sure how to locate the name of the accessory you are looking for, there is a cross-referenced list by usage at Sherline Part-Number Finder.

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Lathe Accessories

Sherline Products offers a wide range of accessories for its lathes, from Vertical Milling Column attachments, which can quickly and easily convert a Sherline lathe into a small milling machine to CNC conversions, tailstock tools, tool posts, cutting tools, dust covers, and much more.

Mill Accessories

Sherline Milling Machines have a huge variety of accessories that range from CNC conversions, tooling and angle plates, end mill holders, hold-down sets, cutting tools, dust covers, and much more.

Chucks and Collets

Sherline chucks come in various sizes and configurations like 3 and 4-jaw self-centering, 4-jaw independent, and drill chucks.

Tools Posts

Versatile lathe tool posts and lathe tool post holders allow you to swap out tooling from one operation to the other easily.

Cutting Tools

Lathe tools are the cutting tools that are used for turning and facing work on the lathe. They can be used for machining most materials, including wood, plastic, aluminum, brass, and free-machining steel.

Other Accessories

Sherline offers other accessories that include reference books, DVDs, and shop guides with complete assembly instructions, as well as other tools to help your Sherline machine perform better and stay in tune.


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