This 1:24 scale engine is modeled after the West Side Lumber Company’s Porter.

The West Side Lumber operated in California used this engine for construction of the logging railroad around 1900. There are very few commercial parts in the model. Mainly inside of the cab, valves, levers, & gauges. The wheels are also a commercial product.

However, 90% of the model is scratch-built out of brass. The cab is built out of flat brass sheet stock using 1mm bolts to hold it together from Scale hardware.

This way it could be taken apart in the future for painting. The frame and the rest of the engine were machined on my Sherline milling machine and lathe.

I have used a lot of 1mm rivet heads for additional detail from Scale hardware. The smokestack by far was the hardest part to build but suits the engine. It took close to 240 hours to build this engine.

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