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Machine Shop Essentials


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About Machine Shop Essentials

Frank Marlow has put together a great collection of shop knowledge and machining information in this big 520-page book. Done in a question-and-answer style, each concept is clearly explained and accompanied by clear line-art illustrations when necessary. Pamela Tallman has done an outstanding job of creating many hundreds of AutoCad® drawings to illustrate these concepts. Machines from Sherline-size up to full-size machine tools are covered, and step-by-step instructions are covered for many common machine tool operations.

If you need a good, solid understanding of manual machine shop tools, this is a good place to start. CNC is not covered, but measurement, hand tools, filing, grinding, threading, drilling, turning, milling, fastening and metallurgy each have their own chapters. Tool sharpening and shop safety are also covered.

7″ x 10″, softbound, black and white, 520 pages, 500+ illustrations.

ISBN-10: 0975996339
ISBN-13: 978-0975996331